Bonding Stainless Steel worktops to wood - How?

I've just taken delivery of a fabulous stainless steel worktop which will need to be bonded to the plywood substrate. The supplier alluded to a product make by the manufacturer Sika but didn't say which one.

I expect it will need to be a full contact adhesive and also one that doesn't breakdown when it gets hot as hot pans will be placed directly on to the worktop.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what I should use please?

This is the worktop loosely placed on to the plywood.

This is the plywood substrate that the inox will need to adhere to, it is perfectly clean and unsealed in any way.

Thanks everyone for you suggestions. I contacted Sika and they suggest SikaBond AT or 11FC which will handle 90 and 80 degrees respectively or Everbuild 825 (Sika Silicone) which is good for up to 150 degrees.

Everbuild 825 looks like the way to go to me.

James there is expert advice on this type of subject, bonding metals and wood and high temperatures on a Facebook site called Self Build Campervans and the answer seems to be Sikaflex 221 (or maybe a product called Tigerseal). It needs to be flexible and heat resistant, the Sikaflex is used to fit Windscreens to cars and side windows flush onto side panels of vans, others use it to secure solar panels to van roofs and wood framing to the internal metal. Join the group then search it for Sikaflex and read all about it.

Franck, I guess you haven't seen any fish tanks glued with silicon then? Sticks like you know what to a blanket.

Sikaflex is also a good modified polymer adhesive, not sure how it would do with heat, fine on splash backs, been using it for years

Some guys in the US have used Sika Flex to bond stainless to ply. Not sure if that is available in France. The stainless has to be perfectly clean, no oils etc and finish the clean with denatured alcohol.

James, many years ago we fixed stainless steel splash-backs around 2 walls of our kitchen in France. When we decided to remodel the kitchen a couple of years ago removing the stainless steel was not an easy job; the Sikaflex adhesive was still providing a very sound bond many years later.

Follow this link which I think you will find useful:

Greetings from Muscat.


Silicon is a sealant used to close gaps, it is not a bonding agent. Sika doesn't do silicon anyway. So neutral cure silicon would only be OK to seal around the worktop.

Sika has a wide range of products and will reply to your technical queries. I would avoid a 2-components glue because it works on contact and cannot be moved once items have been put together. I would prefer a glue with a bit of curing time such as Sikabond-AT-Metal. I would recommend to test it first though.

neutral cure, low modulus silicon, flexible when it has hot things on it so can take expansion. heat proof because it's silicon and neutral cure so it won't attack the stainless steel.