Bonfire night - where to buy sparklers & fireworks?

I have three young boys and it is our first year in France. I would like to do a small bonfire night for them. I have permission from the Mairie for the fire but where in the Charente or Charente Maritime can you get sparklers or some small fireworks.... Or am I dreaming????

Thanks for posting Cara - it’s prompted me to go and get some for our kids too!

Dear All

Thanks for the history lesson etc - truly interesting and also for the advice on where to buy fireworks / sparklers. I did eventually find sparklers in Gifi amongst the birthday cake decorations which struck me as amusing! They were not the small ones that I had seen on cakes / desserts previously, but the usual long ones - who would put those on a birthday cake? The tabacs in our area looked at me as if I was mad asking for fireworks / bangers. It appears in this area you have to go to the big towns where there is a mega fete store! Anyway, we had a great evening simply getting rid of all of the garden waste / rubbish with sparklers for the Guy involved! Thanks once again to all.

Cheeky, Celeste? Wot, me? *Alfred E. Newman face* I dunno about fun, there was a lot of harp-plucking and Eurovision contest-style wailing, a bit of Riverdancing, we did get quite a bit of craic among ourselves however :)

Had to go out for a quick Smithacks in Nenagh when we got back to the lodgings though !

I bought a box from Gigi just outside Marmande on route to Tonniens. Good selection

Thanks… Got the Mairie’s authority already

We can still find fireworks in our local Briconautes (which everyone still refers to as Weldom).

In the Perigord we celebrate St Jean with a celebratory feu. Cracks me up because a group renting our gites for a seminar wanted to light a fire - we always had plenty prunings to get rid of. Despite my reluctance being 23rd June and very dry I was given the OK by the Mairie/Pompiers.

Hi Andrew

In which region do you live - I have not found any bangers in my area as yet but I will continue to search?

You'll probably be able to find sparklers in a party shop, but I doubt you'll find fireworks; they're only usually available around 14th July. Many fireworks are only available through/to the professionals as I think an "artificier" is now needed to light them - health & safety.

Check with your mairie about bonfires. Previously banned during the summer months, there's now a total ban on them in this area (south Seine & Marne).


Just found this: there is a telephone number of someone organising a bonfire night thingy in the Charente M. Maybe someone there will know? or the Monsieur Blogger himself?

Easy explanation - Guy Fawkes is the only person ever to enter the British Parliament with honest intentions - must be a saint!

Cara only asked where she could buy fireworks and we have a whole history lesson - thanks guys, very interesting

Ivan Tout!

They have a good range of fireworks all year round & prices are good, too.

Yep, round here too in the Alps. There's also a keg of Alphand amber beer on tap :)

They are from Trunch in Norfolk !

Is that Red Herring's cousins by chance?

Not the UKIPPER family I hope.

AhHa les Feux de Saint Jean still celebrated hereabouts. Big communal meal you bring your dish and share it. A lovely custom.

Remember, remember the fifth of November

Gunpowder, treason and plot.

There must be a reason to remember this season,

But whatever is was, I forgot.

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