Bonne Fête du premier mai

I’ve been searching the gardens for Lily of the Valley… found just a few leaves and one flower stalk, well and truly devoid of flowers… so it was early this year. Drat.

Has anyone else been more successful???

Happy May Day
We didn’t even know about the tradition to give happiness in form of a muguet bouquet. But being a new gardener, I jumped at the chance to buy my Lily of the valley plants at a supermarket. Love them and wanted some in the garden anyway.
So much happiness here!

Neighbours are distraught … it’s over and done with… no flowers in the village… and we are in the middle of lockdown… so that’s it. :cry:

I usually manage to find muguet in a friend’s garden. It’s a holiday home and I’ve got permission to help myself to anything… as and when… and I share stuff out as best I can, but this year is a disaster…

our phone was almost ringing off the hook yesterday…

At least the figs are looking good :roll_eyes: :relaxed:

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A neighbour’s little girl, who’s about 4, turned up at the door before lunch with a basket of muguet she had collected from the wood behind their house. She is handing a sprig to all the people she knows in the village…


Mine comes from the boulangerie, I had some in the garden but it disappeared.
Happy Beltane, joyeux premier mai!

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we’ve got no commerces at the moment… :roll_eyes: … I did suggest to one caller, that a photo of a bunch of muguet, with a pleasant greeting on the back… would perhaps go down just as well… especially since we are all supposed to be distancing … and it is not easy to talk/bellow from behind a mask… :upside_down_face: :roll_eyes: :crazy_face: