Bonne fin d'année

Christmas has now passed on by and we head into the next marathon… :thinking::relaxed::relaxed:

I have fond memories of Andy Stewart on TV… when I was still young enough to be home at midnight… :rofl:

How will you be spending New Year’s Eve ??

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Probably going to bed early with a book.

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Going to have a house and 2 gites full of … family. Arriving today and tomorrow, think I might move out, go hide under a tree with a bottle of whisky.


For the first time in some years it will just be me and mum.

Nibbles, wine, dvd’s and bed before midnight, either that or I shall fall asleep on the canape, setee not food !:rofl:

Peace, health and goodwill to you all xx


I am working a late on New Years Eve then a long day New Year’s Day as I don’t like new year.I will have a nice meal and a couple of drinks on the Wednesday as my celebration


We will probably have a cosy evening with a bottle of wine and a book, doubt we’ll make it to midnight - over the years I realised I was never keen on the full works as I’m not a party animal and don’t like fireworks!

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Our first NYear’s Eve here… our neighbour persuaded us to go to the SdF… he was insistent that we would have the time of our lives (I think that was what he was saying)… anyway, we duly turned up… OH in evening dress and me in a long frock.

Mmmm… we were slightly overdressed… :thinking::open_mouth::roll_eyes: Everyone else was very smartly clad … but… ooops.

Well, it was an amazing time… started off with both men and women ogling OH’s fancy shirt, impeccably tied bow tie :rofl: and the trim on his suit… :joy::grinning: My dress came in for some admiration, too, and the ladies were keen to know where I had bought it…

We had little language in those days, but we managed. I’ve no idea how we kept awake, but around 4am, we toured the room saying goodbye… to the replies of… “but you haven’t had the dessert yet… nor the champagne”… (shock horror all round at the thought of us missing out on any alcohol) … but they finally let us go…

Since then we have done a few more at the SdF…but certainly not every year :hushed: we did it last year, so are having a quieter time this year…

We’ve received 2 invites from friends. One we can totter to and the other means driving, so I suspect the local one will win… but in either case we will be home by 2am… if not sooner.


We have been invited to a soiree at the SdF on Friday 4th, where apparently new people are welcomed to the village, so thank you for the tips on what to wear/not wear - very helpful. Mind you I have a limited wardrobe here at the minute and my husband has ditched all suits except for weddings and funerals! I think our nearest neighbours are going too - doubt it will go on too late.

Our Vœux de Maire will be on Saturday 6th… and I am charged with ensuring all the non-French know to be there at around 11.30am… especially new-comers. Loads of speeches then finally the drink and nibbles… goes on until about 2 or 3… (sometimes there is a small group who linger… we leave them to do the washing up…when they have finished ) :relaxed:

Dress on such an occasion is whatever you are comfortable in… smart casual… but anything goes… we see all shades of fashion there… :roll_eyes::thinking::relaxed:

OH has kept one good suit… given all the others away long ago… and I am not sure he would fit into the one he now has… :roll_eyes:

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San Sebastián / Donostia for us - we’ve broken for the border - no Jilly Joneses here!!! Fabulous… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

¡Próspero Año Nuevo! everyone!


Well… all arranged for New Year’s Eve… we will travel to meet-up with a very courageous elderly lady, whom we first met a few years back after a ghastly house-fire… she and I can share a few bevies…OH is designated driver…:wink:

Two batches of chocolates are cooling… and I shall tackle the whisky-fudge tomorrow morning…

All is well with our world… and, almost best of all, the sheets blew beautifully dry in today’s glorious weather…:hugs:

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We’re having a quiet night alone but are then having a belated Christmas lunch on New Year’s Day with friends (don’t ask).

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Why spoil fudge?

It’s a new recipe (well, new to me) which I thought I would try out… I find that many of my friends (French & English) love the idea of almost anything with alcohol and tomorrow night I can get their thoughts…

Always looking for new ideas of things to make/cook for our fêtes and fund-raisers… and I note who likes what for when it is gift-time :wink:

If it proves to be a “hit”… I will put it on the list… if not, well, never mind…

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I just don’t like anything with a spirits flavour. It’s probably because I used to eat my grandmother’s liqueur chocolates and they were ghastly. It was one of the few things that I didn’t like about living in Germany, the number of times I went for Kaffee und Kuchen and bit into a beautiful looking chocolate cake only to find it was laced with Asbach or some equally foul tasting spirit. I guess I should have learnt my lesson but the cakes looked so lovely and some of them were unadulterated so I was forever hopeful.


Have a look at panforte recipes - the italian christmas sweet. Very easy! With alcohol or without according to taste (I like marsala) I do it in a square tin, and cut it into small squares as a big cake sized wedge is just too much. Our french friends gobble it up happily.

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cheers Jane, I’ll check it out.

Ha ha Jane, why is it that when I see that all you cooks say it’s very easy it gives me shivers down the spine ?

I will try taking a look at the recipes on Internet, only a look to start with, at what’s involved because I do like Panforte.

Maybe I should enlist the aid of my mum :scream:

PS: Hallelulah my Christmas lunch was edible and my French partner actually found no faults, maybe because mum was giving him the eye :wink: :joy:


If you can measure, chop and stir then it IS easy…honest. No special techniques required. My latest one was using a left over packet of dates and some dried apricots and it is lovely and gooey, so this is a thing that is also very forgiving if you don’t folllow recipe precisely.

And soumds as if your christmas lunch was more than just edible.

Mmm… today has not gone to plan. OH was a bit wobbly this morning, so he’s been resting and I have been guarding him, while working in my study next door…

As a result… the whisky-fudge has not been made… but, never mind, we do have delicious chocs and a bottle of champagne to take with us… phew… :hugs:

OH is now busy deciding what to wear… joggers and sweaters will not quite cut the mustard tonight…he reckons… I’m just relieved he is feeling OK. I bet he chooses a shirt which needs ironing… yuk.

Sending warmest wishes to one and all…

Happy New Year … peace and goodwill, health and happiness :hugs::hugs::hugs: