Book clubs en francais?

I am living in the Pau/Jurancon region from now till next summer. I’ll be doing a bit of teaching at the Université de Pau (mostly in English, to International Business students) and am writing a book, but I’m looking for ways to have more frequent contact with locals, so I can improve my “functionally fluent” French. Anyone know of any French-language book clubs around here? (Or have other ideas about how to connect with locals? My kids are in their late teens now, so I no longer get to meet people by walking little ones to and from school, as I did during our last sabbatical in ‘98’/99)

Local Maries definitely a good idea as they will have the “real” info - whereas Boulangerie windows and Libraris only have what people have thought to put there!!

Thanks for the suggestions.

What about going around to the local Maries and finding out what sort of activities they have? If it’s anything like around here you’ll have to visit each one as there isn’t a central list but to give you an idea, around Langon in the Gironde there are various associations (non profit making organisations) doing classes in Indian Dancing, Painting, Embroidery, Yoga, African dancing, patchwork making and other similar crafts, Salsa, Tango, Keep Fit…

Some kind of sporting activity? An exercise class, a tennis club - something of that sort might be a good way of getting to meet the locals!! Or - have a look in the local windows and see what clubs/activities are going on locally and join one of those!! I haven't come across any French-language book clubs - but that isn't to say that there aren't plenty around - try your local library they might know! Hope that helps!!