Book Crossing/ Wild Books

Just back from a holiday where I came across a wild book. The book had a pasted note in the front with a tracking number and a website for you to visit and say where you found the book and where you had re-released it into the wild. I was very taken with this idea and am planning to register some books to be released into the wild ASAP. So I thought I would share the website with anyone who also fancies the idea of releasing books to roam free.

the site is

How exciting Sarah!

Yea -hay Result how great is that. Well done you. warm happy glow .

I spoke too soon! Got a message today from BookCrossing from someone who found it:
“Premiere fois que je tombe sur un livre a lire et faire passer! Ca a ensoleillé ma journee! merci beaucoup!”

Cool! Actually, it’d probably have more activity if it was in French. Must hunt around my bookshelves.

I have successfully sent it on, I left it on the front of my market stall with a note on saying free English book help yourself and one of my lovely customers (French ) has taken it for her holiday. Result. happy dance!!

That’s very sad Sarah. I suppose if it’s a book in English it’s best to leave it in a place where English speakers hang out, I’ve seen book shelves in cafés and bars for customers to help themselves. If you know anyone who runs gîtes or chambres d’hôtes, they’d probably be happy to have them…

That’s such a shame. I hate to think of books going in the bin.
I must try and think of somewhere clever to leave books. I am visiting No1 son in Bordeaux so was thinking of the big public park there or perhaps next time I pass near the airport. I won’t be doing straight away as I clearly need to come up with clever places for English language books. Any other suggestions welcome.

I tried that in Carrouf near me. I think they threw it away. :frowning: