Book illustration anyone?

Just wondering if any of you are looking for an illustrator for your words?

I work mostly for magazines. Its editorial stuff, but I'm interested in doing more book illustration.

Right now I'm working with an Aussi author whos written a whole series of stories about mutant koala bears making a bid for universal domination(don't ask)

So check out my site and get back to me if you are interested

Hi Wendy

Never done bande dessine.

Keeping the characters consistant through a story is a very particular (and tricky) thing to do

Let me know exactly what you want and I let you know if I can do it. Things like, how long is the story. lettering. colour or b/w

And your not cheeky to ask. Quite the opposite . Thanks for your interest


Hi Gary,

Actually, I am looking for an illustrator to work with on a bande dessine I have in mind. Your 'teamwork' guys hit the right tone and style - not sure about the rest of the work as it is more abstract. Could you do a small pitch? Would it be cheeky to ask?

Best wishes