Book review wanted for Ramblings in Ireland

I have posted a blog post about my newly released book 'Ramblings in Ireland'. If this is the sort of book you would like to read then I will give three people an electronic copy of the book in exchange for an honest review posted on Amazon and Goodreads. We won't fall out if you don't like it - I don't know you and reading is a very personal thing.

Please let me know if you would be willing to do this.



No problem, it was a pleasure. I really admire people who can express themselves well enough to capture my interest. I absolutely love reading and am fortunate that in my work as a tour guide I have a legitimate excuse to read as much as possible. What I particularly enjoyed was your writing style, as so many times I have sat down to enjoy a book but had to put it down as it was simply so badly written. Good luck with your next book.

Hi Kerry, posted on Amazon, will check out Goodreads later - never heard of it before.

Kerry - add the Amazon link on SFN (on your page) and then I will link to your page in my review. Cx

Cheers Kerry, I've managed to download it to my Kindle and will try and do it as soon as possible - mixed feelings about how soon as the kids are on holiday at the moment!

Hi Kerry,

I've just had a quick look and would love to review it for you, although I have never reviewed a book before I think it would be interesting.


Hi Kerry. Reading the posts, it seems you already have enough reviewers. I don't have a Kindle or any e-reader, but as an Irish person, I'm interested. Are you going to publish in hard or paperback?

Hi Kerry

Guess that Ramblings in Ireland is available on Kindle - so I will check it out there!! I have never been though my brother goes often! Perhaps your book will be the inspiration for me to actually make the trip!! Hope that it will be a success!! :-)

Hi Kerry

I love reading travel books and would be very happy to read your book - I have kindle on my computer

Hi Kerry, First off all thank you, yes I do have a Kindle. My email address is I look forward to recieving the file, in fact I'm quite excited, new horizons and all that.

Yes please Kerry - if it can be sent to my kindle that would be good.

Hi Kerry my name is Rod Ellis, I live in North Yorkshire. I am an avid reader and don't turn up mthe chance of a new experience, from Travels with a donkey, RL Stephenson, Kate Mosse, to The History of the world in a Hundred Objects, so yes I would love the chance to review a new book, would be honoured actually. Look forward to hearing from you, and just in case good luck with this book.