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Not sure where to post this, just wondered if anyone has read this book and more importantly, been guided by her?

My OH definitely hasn’t read it


My OH will be looking for more clutter this afternoon :zipper_mouth_face:

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:unamused: Treasures actually My Love !!!

Jim doesn 't learn.
Just how many pieces of gash wood and empty Vanish pots does one man need?
I can’t go into his study, it makes me ill.
We had exactly the same problem when we left our house with a barn in the Cotswolds, now we live over a sous-sol, more rubbish collection space, which goes into the barn awaiting a trip to the recycling centre.
It’s like tomorrow, it never comes.

My niece is a fan, which I appreciate hugely since she’s living in our flat in U.K. and for the first time it’s tidy. Her underwear drawer is a joy to behold! She showed it to me with pride, and we spent a bit of time together mastering the art of folding fitted sheets - amazing how you can have fun doing odd things sometimes.

However I think these de-cluttering gurus can go too far as sometimes clutter has important emotional memories, and you can reduce things down to sterility.


Absolutely Jane, ‘minimalism’ is no fun. :grin: