Books to teach English

We are moving, I am not going to be teachng English to the Fench any more. BUT I have loads of books of ideas, text books, gamesfor all ages from 3/4years to 93/94 I would hate to bin them, so free to anyone who collects !

Annie, still have the books? Very interested. preferred way to communicate. Thanks. Mike

I have about 5 carrier bags full................or perhaos more! I just so need them gone so i can see to pack!

Yes! And I am probably ok but I am sure there are lots of others who are closer who would love to get their hands on it all!

You can see my brain is fried!!! We are near MOntpon, 24. Quite a way from you I think Catherine? about 45 mins the bordeaux side of Bergerac.

Where are you?!