Books vs E-readers

I'm thinking of getting a Kobo for Christmas but I'm worried that I'll end up missing books.

I like knowing when I'm near the end of a book, when there are only a few pages left and I think to myself "Oh, I'll just finish that before I go to bed". Can you do that with a Kobo, Kindle etc...

What do people think? Books or e-books?

Did you see the post about free e book week?


I am pleased with the usability of the e-readers for fiction. I like to hold a book but for travel, being passenger in a car and so on great. However, I have a problem or problems in that so far fiction is far more accessible than other books. Publishers of non-fiction are only moving slowly in that direction. Many forthcoming 'reference' books will be available and chapters rather than entire books for those who have a specific need. That offer can be found on Amazon already. The problem there is that only the biggest publishers are doing it, so the rest and by far the majority still only publish on paper. Even the same publishers who are doing e-publications still insist on authors and editors using paper editions for bibliographies. Older books, particularly those that do not sell, have been removed from lists or are considered too old, are not available either. I can naturally go to a large collection and find what I want back to antiquity in some cases whereby reproductions of older books can cost the earth in e-versions, if they exist. So, for me professionally there is a very long way to go. I love the things, but they only serve a small part of my needs.

Hello everyone, you only get the "odd" appearance from me so take note :D I got a Nexus 7 recently because I wanted e-book with other possibilities. Funny thing is I have actually used it more as an e-book than anything else and I've read 4 books since Christmas. (2 from Mel Comley) I absolutely love it. Oh and I'm a geek and I use it with my Nikon as a Live view remote.

I am a book lover. I like to hold a book, to see the cover, to turn the pages. I have a Kindle which I love to use too, particularly when I'm out in waiting rooms or sitting in the car waiting for someone. I also have an incredible amount of proper books. I like to read both.

The Kindle is great for taking around with me as I can read any of the 600+ plus books I have on it. All but two or three of my books have been free from:

a choice of about 2500 books updated daily. It's a brilliant site.

I thought I would post in this thread rather than open a new one. I bought myself a new kindle Paper White for xmas, and I have to say I'm very impressed indeed. I can read it anywhere, and when in bed I can turn up the back light. I was using my iPad before, and it was reasonable, but for just plain reading a Novel , the kindle/Kobo really does take some beating.

With technical books however, I think the iPad is way better, as the diagrams are easily scalable and sometimes the extra screen size is required.

Anyone else get an e-reader for xmas , what do you think?



I have an e reader and love it. Its a back lit screen version so can read at night with the light out, its colour and I can change the colour of the text so its easy on the eye and adjust the brightness for different light conditions. Get most of my books from they have a good selection. Kindle seems a bit limited in what it will allow to download and to where, if you search the different uk language sites the prices vary from site to site by as much as 5 crinklies a book. Still have a real book in the car for lunch time reading though. Never been a beach/ outdoor reader so cant comment on how good it is outside but wouldnt be without the reader now.

My husband is like the cat that's got the cream with his Kindle. Makes him feel so "with it" and tech savvy as he steps on board a flight with hundreds of ebooks to hand! As for me - I prefer a real book if I'm reading fiction and an ebook is just fine if it's a "How to" or any type of learning guide really. Not sure why - guess I'm used to searching for information on the computer so an ebook is appropriate :)

My kindle arrived yesterday and so hope to get a lot of use out of it. I agree the amount of English books available is limited but as it so new that will change. I do hope to read more french books too which is why I haven't registered in the UK. Whatever you choose I'm sure you'll love it!

I don't own a Kindle. In fact i don't own an ipad, iplayer, Sat Nav or anythining else of that sort. Not even a mobile phone which makes me a Luddite I guess.

I adore books, they have,I don't know what,but they have something tangible. I just love the feel and smell of a book. And one of the few things I miss about the UK is browsing around Waterstones, who incidently are on the verge of collapse because of poor book sales. I think they are trying to launch their own product but its probably too late.

And there's an added bonus with books. They make an excellent job of insulating walls on stone houses.

Although I don't have a tablet (yet, but live in hope), I did used to read on my iPod. It's very different to reading on a Kindle, because like iPods, tablets are backlit and therefore hard on the eyes, where the Kindle screen looks just like paper, with no glare. Also you can read a Kindle in bright sunlight, unlike a backlit screen which becomes completely illegible.

I have a Kindle and it is just fantastic. It is perfect for reading in bed as I also bought the special cover with the light in it so it doesn't disturb my husband. This is the same fella that sleeps so lightly anything disturbs him - funny how he never hears the little ones crying at night, nor when they come into our room, 'cos they can't find 'Doudou' still, I digress....

My kindle fits nicely in my handbag so I always have a book at hand, even if I forget my glasses i can turn up the size of the print so I can read it without them. If I like the plot of the book, I can down load the first couple of chapters for free to see if I like the style of writing - there is nothing worse than ordering a book of the internet then finding when the book arrive it is so badly written it is impossible to read.

I have endless classic books for free - just reading Anna Karenin at the moment, amazing love story! I

For buying books I have registered it at my parents house in the UK but buy with a UK credit card registered to my French address, then download it to my computer while using Expat Shield. I then transfer it to the Kindle using the USB cord.

My husband bought it for me as he was unhappy with amount of books I have however, the last time we visited the UK he looked on with dismay as I tipped '3 for £10' offerings into the shopping trolley. I had to explain that I can't read my kindle in the bath, not leave it on a sunlounger during a holiday for obvious reasons.

There are also beautiful books that will just never be the same on an electronic screen, however, the kindle is a must have if you are an avid reader as you will never be without a book again.

My mum's got a tablet (she loves a gadget!) and it's much heavier and clunkier than the Kobo or Kindle, which are designed just for reading, so are meant to be comfortable to hold (I've been researching, can you tell?)

My main reason for wanting one is storage space, I've got books on bookshelves, books in the attic, books in cupboards, books under the bed, this way I can have an entire library at my fingertips! And there's the added bonus of saving space in my hand luggage when I fly to England on the dreaded Ryanair. Travelling without something to read is like breathing without air, impossible!

Not sure about audio books though, I prefer music to listen to.

A few of my friends have the ebook readers, and love them, mainly for taking on holiday as you don't have to cart books about. I was given a Samsung Tablet for my birthday and I can download ebooks onto it, I've tired, but I just can't get used to it, I love the feel of a book. Perhaps when I go on holiday I might think differently, as I usually take three books for a short trip!! I've also just gotten into the hang of audio books, on my ipod, which I listen to in the car (not whilst driving) as my husband likes the French radio or his type of music, and I can't read in the car - that is great. However I can't listen to a book in bed as of course you fall asleep and can never remember where you were. They are also good when ironing.....

Whatever you buy, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. :)

OK, that sounds good, I think the Kobo is pretty much the same sort of technology as the Kindle.

I did look at the Kindle first, but don't have a very good selection of e-books in English and you can only buy e-books from if you have an English address and credit card, which I don't. It's weird because I shop on for books and dvds all the time with my French card. However, I have to use fpr mp3 downloads, so I guess it's the same thing.

Also, the Kobo has a touch screen version available now, whereas the Kindle touch screen is only available in USA at the moment.

I can't speak for the Kobo, but on a Kindle you can see exactly what percentage of the book you have read. There is a percentage bar at the bottom of the screen. You can also instantly find the meaning of any word by putting the cursor next to it - the in-built dictionary will give you the meaning. And the Kindle always remembers your place in the book, even if you are reading several books at the same time. Just click on the one you want to read and you are straight away taken to the place you left off reading. The Kindle rocks. :)