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Want a good read anybody? Try The Hotel on Place Vendome: Life, Death, and Betrayal at the Hotel Ritz in Paris by Tilar J. Mazzeo. It has the pace and intrigue of crime fiction. César Ritz must be the most successful conman in all history but his hotels are the zenith of his mastery of deception and taking even the most knowing people for a ride. Just read it.

Garry see:

Bilingual Literary Festival in France 2014 I’m thrilled to be invited to speak there.

Someone hère mentioned a English-speaking Literary Festival in France. Now I can't find it. Can someone enlighten me where and when it is being held?

Great tip for the smashwords site. Thanks, Claire. Also, if I can register and re-register according to what I want to read, that's great. I understood from comments here a few years ago that Amazon detected the country you downloaded from, and thus automatically re-routed you to

I don't have a paperwhite I have a Kindle Fire which I love. I get most of my books by registering my Kindle with a uk address actually I use my In laws as I have that as a delivery address for some orders ie. When my husband is in the Uk. I occasionally re register my Kindle to Amazon Fr when I want to download books from the French site and then re register to the site when I have finished.

There are free books here on Just click top 100 free at the top of the page or sub divide your category on the LH side before choosing FREE.

There are also free books here. the best way to get them is to open each book in a new tab and right click over the mobi or kindle link then save link as to a folder you have set up on your computer. you can then side load, tie. load to the kindle via a USB cable from the computer.

Thanks to Gill and Sarah for this helpful information.

Hi Teresa

I have a Kindle that was bought from and registered on I can't buy Kindle books from which leads me to think that the inverse would be true too.

You cannot lend books between Kindle friends without going through a software process which is not authorized by Kindle, unless you are a Premium client (I think). You can now buy a Kindle on You don't have to buy it yourself, the person giving it to you just has to buy it as a gift so it comes to you unregistered and you register it yourself.

I can't answer your other questions about docs, I'm afraid.


Hi Bookworms,

Christmas is coming and I've been offered one of the new second generation Papewhite Kindle readers. Before I accept, I wondered if I could ask for some advice, as I'm sure there are others who have been in my situation.

Firstly, do I have to order the Kindle itself and the e-books from the site? I've been told I can't order from the UK site as I have no address there. I currently order my p-books from the French Amazon site, but I'm not sure the stock of English e-books is as good as the UK site. If I buy a French Kindle, can I buy e-books from the .com or .uk sites?

Secondly, as I writer I'd like to load my Word documents directly onto the Kindle from my Mac via USB so I can proofread. Is this feasible? I've heard you can go through the Amazon site with their Personal Documents feature, but does this really work? I'm wary about uploading my work onto the Amazon site.

Finally, can I 'lend' the e-books I buy to friends who have a Kindle? If so, how does this work? I haven't found any reference to this on the Amazon site.

Any advice would be welcomed.






I have a picture of me in a thong...

Recent reads: -

Spilling the Beans - Clarissa Dickson-Wright

The Tea Lords - Hella S Haasse

Daphne du Maurier - Margaret Forster

How Many Camels are there in Holland - Phyllida Law

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry - Rachel Joyce

The Brooklyn Follies - Paul Auster

The Garden of the Evening Mists - Tan Twang Eng (Beautiful)

The Matthew Shardlake Tudor stories - C J Sansom (couldn't put these down)

It's the same for me Claire; I'm only about 20% through it but I'm eager to see where it goes. I won't get it finished before we discuss it at our reading group next week but I'm very interested to know the group's comments

Catharine how will Mark 'pose' on the comment wall? Read your comment carefully... :)

Cor Chris, I have a row of the from the Ginger Man to The Destinies of Darcy Dancer, Gentleman. Novels only but not the plays. I gave up then, don't know why, perhaps time to catch up on the ones since the early 1990s.

Gosh Brain - J P Donleavy. There's a blast from my student days - forgotten all about him!

Hi Mark - that is absolutely fine (just stick to the usual rule - link to site if you have one on your own page only...)

Also - if you start a discussion rather than posing on the comment wall I can get Mr H to Worth a Read it / and put it in the money saving group on FB too - thus getting a lot more exposure xx

I agree about Suite Française: one of the best-written and most moving stories I have ever read. Just finished Fred Vargas' "La Armée Furieuse" - even better than her usual high standards.

Plesae do Mark. Where are you located, do you do mail order, do you exchange as well as sell?