Booster - new fully vaccinated definition

Hi everyone. Was just curious I’m visiting France in February but the date I go will be exactly 7 months and 1 week after my 2nd coronavirus vaccine. Now I’m 24 and live in UK so atm no booster shot for me but under the new rules does this mean that at the time of travel I will be classed as unvaccinated?

I believe so, but that’s 3 months away so presumably the UK will get round to providing a booster for you by then?

I thought that was the case. I hope they will but you never know with this government haha thanks for reply

Pretty clear evidence.

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Apologies if the following has been posted elsewhere. Had booster today and when scanning the code into the touscovid app was advised that in 1 weeks time I will be able to prove via the app that have had 3rd jab so for now use the paper version.
Ok for us as just passed 6 month date from 2nd jab but for those who cannot get an early RDV this info might be useful.