Hello fellow sfn’ers

I am looking for a bit of advice,we have a sfr neuf box for our Internet which is ok for us in the house,however we have two gites which are aprox 8 to 10 metre’s away and although you can get a signal it’s not that strong,and sometimes almost non existent as our house is an old one with walls of 90 cm thick which we think could be part of the problem, we can’t move the box,so we were thinking of a signal booster.

What I would like is a bit of help with which one to go for and do they really work and if so how much improvement etc,any help would be gratefully appreciated


I would test something like THIS Steve. If your wiring is suitable then they are really easy to use. You could try borrowing any type of mains electrical network thingy first to see if your wiring will work before buying your own.