Boots the Chemist now shipping to France are now delivering to France for a standard flat rate of £9.99 per order. Stocking a massive range from pharmaceutical and health products to toiletries and electrical goods often at heavily discounted prices, is definitely worth a look. There are loads of offers on right now, head over to the international store here. You can even use your existing advantage card or sign up for a new one!

Watch out for the delivery charge £9.99 is expensive. Chemist Direct is cheaper for me. A small item charged at £4.95. Might pay to do a comparison.

Have just stocked up on Boots goods during a lightening trip to UK but good to know, thanks James! Never heard of Paddocks, will look it up.

I get all my batteries (even the exotic ones) from Piles Plus or similar Websites. sell variety packs that cover most uses as well. A hearing aid centre is bound to charge more - Boots has a central buying policy!!

Ebay is the best place for that type of battery.

Not everything can be sent here. Hearing aid accessories are excluded.

In the local hearing aid centre I was charged 14 euros for 2 packs of batteries, I paid £16 for 10 packs in Boots at Xmas. Think I was ripped off here!

Fantastic news! I may be able to "survive" France after all!

Great news! I think one of the most reliable and cheapest deliveries I have had from the UK has to be House of Fraser who shipped two duvets, plus bedding and pillows all for £6.00! But sadly they don't do toilettries.

Sitting in a Disco makes ME look beautiful! :-)

The delivery cost will be eclipsed by potential savings on products which are considerably cheaper than our local options.

Roger, Paddocks are incredibly cheap on delivery but alas, no beauty products available!

Boots are probably outsourcing the deliveries, like many companies these days?

Yes - that delivery charge seems a bit steep. Paddocks only charged me £5 to send a Land Rover cylinder head ... and £10 for two tyres!

Wonderful news James. There are so many well known brands we can now order from the UK, and cease paying sometimes DOUBLE for the same product from Pharmacies in France. Thank you for the good news. I hope you are much better after your foot operation.

Interesting to know that. However the delivery charge is expesnsive. I have just ordered an item from Chemist Direct and was charged £4.15 for the item.