Bordeaux Airport Tram Link

Does anyone know if this link to the city centre has been completed yet.

It hadn’t been in September

Not yet. It is pretty close - possibly ready for the Rugby World Cup later this year.

Their website suggests it will be ready in the spring.

No not yet. Bus is 1.70 and takes 45 minutes ish, private shuttle is 8 and takes 30 mins.

Or an hour if it’s rush hour on the rocade. :roll_eyes

I so look forward to the tram. I am not good on buses - my mother used to carry a sick bag with her if she knew we were going to be on the bus more than 10 minutes. And the stop/start of the bus (or shuttle) as it inches its way out of St Jean station forecourt and onto the rocade is just awful!

Thanks all. That bus journey is a nightmare, so cant wait for tramway

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I took that bus a couple of times a while back and it only took 20mins each way! Times have changed…

Yup - Bordeaux is expanding at a rate of knots. Rocade widened, so of course just draws in more traffic.

Any updates or links on a completion date please.

Opens at the end of next week (allegedly).


I was at the airport last week* and it still isn’t doing anything although the infrastructure seems finished and they have apparently been testing it.The shuttle wasn’t there but I took the number 1 bus which was waiting, so no hanging around and it got me to the station for my train home in 45 minutes, which at getting on for 7 pm wasn’t bad.
Ah crossed messages with @tim17

*And the previous Saturday when they had to evacuate the entire airport because of some weirdo running around on the runway, so my plane was 2 hours late.

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Fantastic news, tram to St Jean and train to Jonzac. Thanks for the update

Oh I hope so! I get so sick on the bus. :nauseated_face:

It´s such a shame that the train bit to get into bordeaux is so expensive. I had friends one August get cheap TGV tickets Paris Libourne for 60e return for 2 adults and 2 kids. Yet for me to get to BX from Mussidan is over 10e each way (I think the 10e is for teens, I´ve never done it as financially better to take the car which is such a shame!). There are never any specials either. Surely to bring the cost down a bit would make so many more people use it and get ff the roads!

@toryroo Have you got the region card? They are doing a promo I think it is still on and it costs 15€ and makes all your train journeys in nouvelle Aquitaine half price - I got mine a fortnight ago and it paid for itself on my first trip (full price Berg Bx is 18.80 one way now).


I was there last week and empty trams were testing it - it will be working very soon, a date has been published but I can’t remember it but I think it was about a month away.


Oh that’s useful to know. Every couple of months I head to Paris for work. Bit like @toryroo’s friends, my TGV tickets are great value compared to the €15 I pay to get to Bordeaux from my corner of the Medoc. Plus I’ve got friends and family coming over this summer… Think it’ll make sense for me to get one of these.

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Where do you buy the Region Card ? Any station?

Yes also online through the SNCF app
But get your skates on if you want it for €15 because it had a deadline for getting them at that price, normally they are €29 which isn’t bad either, but obv not as good as €15 :slightly_smiling_face:

I looked online earlier and it’s back up to €30. As you say, still worthwhile.