Bordeaux: requirement for a pollution sticker - Bordeaux?

Driving into Bordeaux centre-ish for doctor appt. in a few days. Do I need a sticker on the car windsreeen ?

Only if there is a peak of pollution announced. The crit’air stickers are not required all the time. Look ar the Gironde prefecture website.

En cas de pollution prolongée, le dispositif est activé par la préfecture de Gironde à partir du quatrième jour consécutif de dépassement des seuils d’alerte . Les restrictions sont alors en place entre 6 h et 22 h.
Ce dispositif complète les mesures déjà existantes lors d’un épisode de pollution comme la diminution de la vitesse de 20 km/h.

Thanks. We just bought a new (secondhand) car and it has a crit’air sticker in the windscreen. I looked on the gouv. website and am now a happy bunny - it is for the car for anywhere in France at any time. I was fearing that it was an annual thing, or city-specific.

Just in case this thread gets others wondering…

Who cares, just get one anyway. They cost buttons.

Why can’t everyone just get one?

When this first arose… a few years back… we ordered the CritAir stickers for both cars, as we enjoy driving all over France and didn’t want to run into problems by being without the sticker, when required.

As you say, they cost a very small amount and are for the life of the car (as I understand things).

@lebeuil1 has found a sticker is on his recently acquired car… so that’s great.

For anyone else… the site is easy to use… might be worth checking it out… :wink:

Most people have now….but in most places it’s only when there are pollution peaks that they are relevant. So since it doesn’t otherwise change things it is a bit of a greenwash.

I just got one for each car. They cost buttons and it’s easier to just have them IMO. Though that sticker, the CT and insurance certs do take up quite a bit of the Morgan’s tiny windscreen :slightly_smiling_face:

There is an app you can download to tell you where you need the sticker. It covers all of the EU and U.K.
I got mine online in the U.K. and I think it was about £5. Very easy to get and as far as I know you don’t have to renew them.

the Crit’air only costs 3,67€ if delivered in France through the official French gov site…
The price was set in French Law…

BUT, as they say… some (non-official) internet sites may charge you more…

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We are a long way from any cities and don’t get out a lot (although hope to more once covid goes away and the youngest is now a more reasonable variety of small person!) so never thought to get one! I’ll have to have a look as I do occasionally go to the Ikea, but not sure if that would be counted as it is a bit out of town.

When I originally posted, asking about these pollution stickers, I had just bought a car, s/h, which has one of these stickers in the window. All that is visible on the sticker is a QR code and the number plate of the car.

I didn’t know whether this needed to be renewed each year, was city-specific, or …

I now know that this sticker applies countrywide and lasts the life of the car. Although, thinking again, if I sell the car then it will get a different numberplate. ?

If you didn’t need to change the immatriculation when you bought the car … the number is for life… and thus the sticker as well…

(only oldstyle to newstyle registration gets done nowadays… )

Will it? We’ve just bought a new second hand car and the carte gris gives its date of first registration so I presume it’s the same plate number. We did change the plates, but just because we want ones without advertising and with our department number, not because of reg number.

In general the controls are on city centres, and often only when pollution is particularly high. Eg Lyon won’t allow professional vehicles over crit’air 3 most of the time, but fine for individuals.

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