Border Collie lost at Bordeilles(24)

I do hope he is found soon, would be devastated if we lost ours, although she does go off on wanders occasionally.


Me too, my supposedly Beauceron/Dobermann X, Jules, disappeared for a couple of hours last week, I tracked him by his mournfull calls for 2 kms through dense forest to find him entangled by his lunge rein which he had round around a small tree. His nose is always to the ground and I think there is more Bruno de Jura there than we previously thought. :roll_eyes:

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Leah is a border collie cross which we rescued from the neighbouring farm when the old lady dies and she was going to be shot, thinking that a bullet was cheaper than paying for the SPA.
She always comes back, she knows when she is onto a good thing.
She only has a collar, which she can get out of if necessary.


I hope he gets found soon…I’d be devastated too if one of mine went missing…

I’ve only had one momentary scare for about 20 minutes since I moved here in 2016 but it felt like forever…

My new Border Collie pup will be arriving here from uk in the next few days…his uk chip is registered to me at my French address on a national uk database with my current mobile number but is that enough…??? :thinking:

Edited to add is there a French database or a European database that their microchips should also be registered with…??? My Collies also wear collars with a tag stating my mobile number and hamlet when we leave my property…

It is not enough, his UK chip number can be read by a French reader but not linked back to you. You must register the number in France, last time I looked it cost about €15, your French vet will tell you how to do it and where.

Also if you are in the countryside and not close to a vet you are doing exactly the right thing in having your mobile number on his tag, if he is lost and someone finds him who has no means or desire to travel 30 or more kms to a vet, that tag could get him back to you within minutes.

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