Boris changes his hero from Churchill to Henry VIII

I am not sure which I find the most amusing, Boris getting married for the third in a Roman Catholic Cathedral. A man who has been twice divorced and has fathered children outside his marriages or the Catholic Church for allowing it.
One is left wondering of the size of the ‘bung’ or whether BoJo thinks that he will be able to get out of this marriage as it was in aRroman Catholic Cathedral and, as a divorced man, the marriage will not be quite as legal as perhaps she thinks.


Trying to gloss over his misdemeanors, bury bad news?
He is still THE most annoying asshole.


Catholic Church can allow divorcees to remarry if the previous marriages were outside the Roman Catholic Church, but the majority are told they cannot be remarried in a Catholic Church, he must have found an very accomodating Tory supporting priest :wink::face_with_raised_eyebrow:
From what I have seen a lot of priests are not happy about the double standards applied.

Carrie Symonds is a Roman Catholic and perhaps it was her choice?
Boris was born to a Roman Catholic mother and was baptised a Roman Catholic.

well, if it was to bury bad news he failed spectacularly…
His personal ratings have dropped from +6% to -6% if I understood the news item correctly - a drop of 12%. Add to that the number of couples really, really pissed off that they were told to cancel their arrangements because of Covid but with sheer arrogance he moves his forward from next July to which invites had already, allegedly, been sent out.

A guest on todays BBC R4 programme Broadcasting House - Asma Khan was scathing in her criticism of this (from 44.12) Broadcasting House - 30/05/2021 - BBC Sounds

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6 months in the planning allegedly

So why is Boris special? If he really believed in the roman Catholic church, he would have not been able to re-marry.
It is typical Boris, do what I say and not what I do.

Why issue keep the date cards for July 2022 just 6 days ago?

Which is most likely:

  • Divorce
  • Another affair
  • Another illegitimate child
  • An outpouring of honesty
  • Putting other less well people off first

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Don’t look over there, look at me :-1:

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I think as a RC one can apply for former marriages to be annulled.

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if that were true, Henry VIII wouldn’t have needed to murder so many of his former wives or form the CofE to get his way.,actually%20taken%20place%20as%20recognized%20by%20the%20Church.

Interesting link but it doesn’t fully explain the rationale. Were his previous marriages (now subject to divorce) in the catholic faith?

While divorce isn’t allowed in the Catholic Church annulment is. Both parties just have to swear the marriage was never consummated and someone in the Vatican waves a wand and the marriage never actually happened.

While children arising from a marriage might seem to be an inhibitor to this route to freedom, luckily the Vatican believes in virgin birth. So that’s alright then.


I can’t remember who was it who said the man who marries his mistress creates a job vacancy.

Seemed to turn out that way with the French scooter rider and Julie Gayet.

BJ is not a Catholic and CSJ has not been married before :woman_shrugging:
About forty years ago a friend asked me to vouch for her commitment to an annulment. She had to jump through hoops, I had to sit with a panel of priests and answer questions. She was eventually granted the annulment.
Maybe the changing society we now live in has made the process easier?

So the Catholic church are happy to accept lie’s or maybe immaculate conception is alive and well :woman_shrugging:

Yes, he had his first marriage annulled, but he divorced Marina Warner.

I think even the most stupid of women will now realise that Boris is not a safe mealticket.