Boris! Dark Horse, Stalking Horse, or just horsing around

Mayor of London Boris Johnson gave such a rallying speech yesterday, would you have him run the country? or the world?

Bored with this....following the Baracking on the other side of the Pond now!

No, facebook, Guardian from there and today's one of Boris the burglar coming through the window story, watch vid...

this Bri?

Ron, go to Guardian on Facebook and have a look at Steve Bell's video. The real Boris...

ooooh forgot about that!

Get your flying fish and walnut protection hats here, politics might come crashing down around our ears any day!

I guess you are right Brian.

A week ( ha! ) is a long time in politics as they say, let alone 4 years..I wonder if there will be anything at all to govern by then.

Yes Ron, but Boris has too long to wait for his speech to be a lasting memory. By then, whenever he may well be properly yesterday's man.

Thank you Brian for your well worded input. I agree that the Post Olympic 'feel-good' has already lost much lustre.

I don't profess to understand UK Politics nor Politics in general, but I do have a vested interest in the health of the UK economy, as my much depleted Pension comes from there, and like everyone else, the global situation affects my family directly.

I instigated the Post as it seems that this erstwhile blond buffoon, may have rapidly become the Nations' dahling, arguably because of the Olympic success.... regardless of your Political persuasion. I found his speech amusing ( and I hope self penned )... But I agree, IF there is a hidden agenda, this rise in popularity may do more harm than good.

I am also mindful of the fact that, in living memory, that well crafted and enthusiastic rallying speeches can, and do, affect the course of history.

Boris is the front man for a great big bureaucracy. As was Ken before him. There is an elected council. He is no more able to do anything alone that I was in my term as chairman of a parish council in a village and couple of hamlets with less than 200 inhabitants - the councillors as a body do that. Yes, he chairs meetings, has a casting vote and all, but must throw his hat into the ring as a member of the council not as mayor. Much of their decision making is laid before them by the bureaucrats and very little comes from the mind of an elected councillor.

A PM is in a comparable but constitutionally different situation. He is also at the head of his party and has the ideology of the faction he belongs to as part of his way of going about the job, plus creating concensus between other factions of the party and then has an opposition. Whilst parties play a role in local, such as London, politics they are less important. Ken did and said very little of what even the most left wing of the Labour party wanted of him and Boris is playing the same game but winning a few hearts and minds (sorry?? Tory mind = contradiction) in his party. As an MP he was dire and is not suited to the Commons at all. He should aspire no higher and stop playing games with those who imagine he may be their saviour. He could as easily be their downfall.

At present British politics is so mediocre and dominated by people with one notion on how to run the nation, and there I think one could split hairs between Cameron and Miliband, that it will need a major injection of real political talent and initiative to uplift it from its present parlous state. Clegg, as much as he is hated and in denial thereof, represents exactly what is happening - nobody has principles, new ideas, concern for the electorate or whatsoever. Post-Olympic euphoria will soon evaporate and the truth back out, grey and depressing. We might as well offer them Hollande for all the difference it would make.

Do I care? Not much, I'm not going back so doesn't really affect me.

crumbs...I wasn't thinking of passing an opinion.

Boris does have Charisma and is a true Tory, but it looks as if no amount of Charisma

will dig the UK out of the current mire... especially considering the IMF's recent growth downgrading.

hehe. Tell it like it is, David.

'Course when I said 'the' country..I meant 'that' country.

So who would you trust then - Boris by the way would get my vote, if only for the entertainment factor.

I wouldn't trust him to run my bath. But then that goes for the whole Cameroonian crew.