Boris Johnson's humiliation by Trump and Fox TV

What are we to make of Boris Johnson having to deliver HM Government’s advice to the White House on the Iran Nuclear Capability treaty via “Fox and Friends”, a Murdoch chat show?

Does HM’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs have no dignity? I know diplomacy is pragmatic, but I feel the UK has seldom ever stooped so low with this humiliating stunt.

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It doesn’t bother me in the slightest if it works and Trump sees sense.

The U.K. exploits get more and more like a seedy exceedingly bad reality (based in non reality) tell lie vision show every day…mind you the same could be said for any alleged “leader” war mongering and battling it out on the likes of twitter and any tv station or “newspaper” owned by the big 6…and if the lives of innocent people were not at stake then it could be considered laughable and instantly “ignorable”…Iran has never attacked another sovereign nation in the last 100 years…which is more than can be said for the U.K. or the USA or certain “allies” in “Europe”…It would probably help if Israel would be less ambiguous about it’s own nuclear capability whilst committing out and out war crimes and crimes against humanity in the region supported aided and abetted by USA U.K. and other European allies”…but it’s not just about nuclear capability…Israel conducts live experiments with dime munitions against a captive population…and it’s not just about Palestine and the Gaza Strip…what about Yemen…??? If a “world leader” were to address the blatant crimes against humanity in any meaningful way then I may be tempted to get behind them…but in the MEAN time…many innocent people are suffering horribly and I can’t justify that in any way shape or form…,

Yemen… billions to be made in arms sales…yet ”financial aid” a pittance…

I see Trump is going to announce his decision today.

@Helen6, Iran is hardly a paragon of virtue and is heavily involved in the Syrian conflict and also in Yemen where it supplies weapons and aid to the rebels.

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