Boris Luxembourg Interview - word for word

It makes interesting reading. Our Prime Minister waffles and waffles and says nothing of note…

He’s just a liar. iI dit n’importe quoi.

Throughout Brexit we have had politicians basically saying “we’re working hard doing all sorts of clever stuff - but can’t tell you what it is because ‘reasons’”.

Then when all is revealed the reasons turn out to be “because it’s all a bit crap and we’ll get laughed at”.

I’m a bit sick of continuously being lied to.

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And I hadn’t even read this article when I posted that, honest.

The liar and philanderer Johnson is banking on the EU telling him to feck off at the summit when he presents his unicorn and then he will ask for an extension - to which they will tell him to feck off again for wasting their time.

He is banking on pissing them off so badly that he can come back to the UK saying that he tried but the EU wont play ball.

I would love for the EU to tell him to do one at the summit and then grant a year extension - in the knowledge that, to do so, would mean the end of the liar and philanderer Johnson and, hopefully, a more sensible Government with which to deal.

I have read the LK interview with BJ and cannot believe that such a waffler can be prime minister.
Just a very simplistic thought, he continues today that October 31 will be the day that the uk will leave the EU but is he leaving himself an escape route by not saying which year as next year has the same day too.
You might laugh at the thought but it is "equally doable " which I think is a similar phrase to what BJ has been known to use.

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He (or Cummings) clearly thinks that there is a “clever wheeze” to get around the Benn bill and/or the SC judgement going against him.

Slightly changing focus I was struck by news footage from Brussels on “Breakfast” this morning - heads of state and EU officials looking suitably statesman (or woman) like and then Boris - strutting along looking like a blond gorilla.

It’s genuinely hard to know whether he doesn’t want a deal, but wants to appear to be trying to get one (which I favour as most likely) or wants one but is too incompetent to achieve anything.

It’s odd though, because anyone with half a brain knows the ERG will block anything which looks remotely like a deal - and even if he threatens to remove the whip I suspect most will say “fine” and join the Brexit party.

Maybe his real aim (which would fit with Cummings past history and published “thoughts”) is to destroy the Tories because, right now, that appears to be most consistent with his actions.


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Yes, that’s the report I already mentioned in another thread.

This bit was telling, if accurate