Bosch series of books-Michael Connolly 23 books for sale

I have 23 books in the Harry Bosch series. The new book (24th) was released this month. The books are an excellent read. Bosch is a Homicide Detective in the Hollywood Division of Los Angeles. For someone who has been to the area, they are very good.
Amazon created an excellent series using the books with Titus Welliver in the title role.
Various hardbacks and paperback. Some were gifts, some were sourced second hand.
€35 the lot.
Monflanquin. 47150. On occasion, I have to go to Bergerac airport, so the possibility exists of meeting up. Thanks for looking.

Give them to you local book exchange.

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Give them to you local book exchange.


ALL THOSE BOOKS ON THE BOOK WEBSITES ARE £5 EACH X 23 equals £115.00 In my book.

I think £35 is a fair price.

I don’t think the price was being quibbled over, €35 for 23 books is a fantastic deal so I really don’t think price is the issue. It does depend on somebody wanting them though, and if the aim is just to be rid of them then there are alternatives to selling them. It is simply a suggestion.


Not second hand though. I’ve just checked for Dark Sacred Night and second hand it’s available for 0.83€

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I’m not deaf Yorky, so no need to yell. It’s not about the €35, I just though it might be a nice gesture to give them away. There’s a bookcase in a sheltered spot of the car park near our local Maire where I often drop off books. It’s nice to share books :slightly_smiling_face:

Furthermore I’m not sure why you posted my photo, but let me return the compliment :face_with_hand_over_mouth: