Bouygues Telecom Prepayee mobile - I want to cancel and need some help!

Hello everyone

I have a pre-pay mobile from Bouygues Telecom and have had this since 2004.

Since May this year my texts have not been received by anyone in the UK and visa-versa.

I contacted Bouygues on their Forum and, surprise surprise, they did not reply. I purchased a new phone, still not working. Then I went to a shop and they changed the sim card and even tried the card in their own phone and still the same problem. I was told to re-charge the pre-pay and wait a few days for the new sim and the money to 'kick-in'.

As you can imagine, still nothing and we are in November now. I have since purchased a sim card from Orange for 1,90euros. No problems, whatsoever!!

I have no reason now to use the Bouygues Telecom card/phone, the only problem is I have 50 euros credit on it and it runs out in December (as the pre-pay cards are limited).

If anyone can help, or give any advise, I would be most grateful!!