Boxing day, what boxing day!

One of the few things that still seems a bit odd here is going straight back to work after Christmas day - yesterday was a huge feast with family having come back to the family farm for Christmas day then we all had to leave fairly early to get back to our various parts of southern France in time to get to bed to be at work this morning - yes I'm sitting at the computer at work, having a break and typing this... anyone else out there at work/got used to working "Boxing day"?

Bonnes fêtes à tous ;-)

I think I will take up sewing and kit myself out in Downton age clothing. Clients may be sufficiently stupefied into buying lots of property

Boxing day sat down to a late breakfast, went out with the family shot a few brace of birds back to the house for sherry. Gave the servants their gifts under the tree. Had a sharp word with cook I seem to remember. No sorry that was Downton Abbey, I just got a bit drunk and ate an entire box of Thornton’s whilst watching the Two Ronnie’s.

Depends where you live - here in Moselle it's still a holiday [in Alsace as well I think]. Even if it wasn't, I would still get the day off since I work in Luxembourg.

Actually I love working on Boxing day and the period between Xmas and New Year. The pace of things is turned down (at least around here) which means that I can tie up some loose strings from the past year and prepare for another year to come. Besides in France the the bulk of the family happenings seems to be concentrated around the evening of the 24 and a nice noon dinner on the 25.

Makes sense, as from it's origins Xmas is just one day. But given the fact that the the "upper class" needed to be served, a second day was introduced to have the "lower classes" enjoy a bit of that Xmas time whilst feasting on the leftovers of yesterday's dinner ;-)

well I cleaned 2 C4 Picassos, a Renault senic, 2 308 Estates and a 207 so yes I was working but no booking for tomorrow so its DIY making a wardrobe. I love that you dont have to waste days off when you dont need to be on holiday. Prefer to save them for summer.

With you there. I am sooooooo easily bored, although not workaholic, and interminable Christmases bore me rigid. I remember in Cologne as a young child that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were it but then there was New Year's Eve. When we went 'home' to Scotland Christmas was all but not celebrated and New Year was two days, the whole of 1 January being generally intended for people to recover from the night before. Stuck in my blood I guess. I have been lucky in spending Christmas in places where it was still unknown, albeit commercialism is dragging it in everywhere. Glad I am old enough that I imagine I will not be around for when the entire world closes down for the day!

Anyway, looked at economic forecasts for work today, cleaned our chainsaw, have to bring in wood soon and before it gets cold and dark will give my dogs a decent walk. Much of that is everyday anyway...

Being self-employed, I chose my work and my work chooses me. As many of my clients (Anglophone) and offices in France aren't working, I get the day off. But would be prepared to work if needed and I could contact the right people.

after 46 years here quite used to not having boxing day and I am back to work although being self employed fell out of bed at 9.30 and I'm enjoying a few hour gardening .Days are starting to get longer!! still do not enjoy christmas eve celebrations and would far rather have all the grand children for lunch on the 25th as I don't have time to enjoy all the opening of pressies when I have to spend time in the kitchen on evening of the 24th.....I just don't get it!!!

We too are back at work, though one of us is getting on with it better than the other, ie he is not posting on facebook or SFN. We gave ourselves Christmas Day off completely and most of Christmas eve as prepping for feast on Christmas Day had to be done. But times are difficult as we all know and so we are back to trying to earn come euros today. To be honest we quite like it that way one of the things we could never get to grips with in England was how long Christmas lasted.Still must try an d apply myself now to work rather than pretending.

Inevitable that I'd show, no doubt. We do not only work with the 'West' therefore I assure you that even Christmas Day has frequently been work as normal. Goes with the choice of profession.

I'm sure you put in more hours than a lot of people who "work" Emily ;-) This wasn't meant to be a "serious" thread, just some light hearted banter but talking about your marrage contract, unfortunately there are three sorts and your's isn't at all in your favour: but the relationship is what counts and the rest is just legal stuff if it all goes wrong! Better have a good relationship in a bad contract than the opposite ;-)

Hoping 2012 brings you job success and more freedom too ;-)

Oh and some mulled wine would go down a treat regardless of the temperature - it's bright sunshine but cold here at the moment.

should have done too, but will get a few days off later in the week for other projects!

Oh Jim, seem to have rattled your cage - I've served both as a naval officer and a London bobby - no I'm not that old honest! and now work for myself and have to ge the job done. I wasn't having a moan at all and certainly don't need lecturing or pitty/sarcasm - we're currently looking at buying a shop that's open 7 days a week so not really work shy!

à +

Thanks for the replies and the support ;-) Just had lunch, youngest has just hurt himself but will hopefully nod off soon for his siesta, back to the translation now! - Emily, sounds bl00dy hard work but you're not alone, have seen the same scenario elsewhere, not that it helps you much! Bon appétit Jane. James - three weeks off at Christmas, that only leaves two for the summer - most people go for a week at christmas, a week au ski, and the rest in the summer. Yes secular state that is very religious...!

Must get on...

Hi Andrew,

I'm afraid you inhabit the other half of my world if you think working on Boxing Day is unusual! Were you a Health professional, specifically a Physician or a Nurse, an Ambulance Paramedic or a Surgeon. Were you in the Emergency Services or were you a Soldier, Sailor or Airman. Were you in the coast guard or Lifeboat, then working Boxing Day might be preferable to working Christmas Day. Maybe spare a thought for all those who worked on Christmas Day to ensure you had a safe and untroubled time over your festive family meal.

Joyeux Noel, you hard done-by little soldier!



easy - take the week off - I have ...

My wife had an ophtalmo appointment in Soyaux at 9.30 am this morning, after an exhausting but extremely joyous and happy Christmas day with friends. Nearly back to feeling normal now!

Sorry Andrew,

We are going out to lunch today with english friends in the next village.

Jim did some kitchen building this morning though and I tidied up and have done the washing before going out.

Have a good day.

Can't say I'd noticed the difference! I've always worked on Boxing Day - even before I retired from teaching!Come to that, I was still doing bits and pieces yesterday (Christmas Day).

What continues to amaze me is how, for a supposedly secular state, so many of France's public holidays are in effect religious holidays - Pentecost, Assumption, All Saints.

On the other hand, it is very quiet here today in the north Charente. Even more so than usual for a Monday. I have the impression that everyone is having a very long 'faire le pont' until next week.