Boycott, divest, sanction


I was very surprised that the BDS movement in France is illegal. It seems that the government does not understand the difference between anti-Semitism and criticism of Israel despite UN resolutions.

Has anyone any experience of this?

No, the UN is not anti-Israel either officially or unofficially. The Security Council has in fact failed to censure Israel when they should have done.

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You may want to avail yourself of all the facts before to accuse the UN of being anti Israel, Paul

The UN is anti Israel. There shouldn’t be boycott movements. It should be by personal choice. If you don’t want to buy goods from Israel then leave them on the shelves. I personally prefer to avoid anything halal.

BDS isn't illegal per se, calling for a systematic boycott is.

Hello Brian, it’s a long time since my post on BDS but I have just come across your comment.
I was not implying that the UN is anti Israel. I quite agree with you that, despite many UN resolutions that sensure Israel, little is done by western governments to enforce them. In fact, if BDS is outlawed in France, then the French government is actually encouraging Israel. I see that the U.K. Gov is also restricting BDS too.