Braque lost at Creysse(24)

Oh, and found. :astonished: :laughing:


You must be very relieved - my apologies for such an obvious response, but in addition to being a dog owner, I’m also an art historian (with only a limited French vocab) for whom initially ‘Braque lost at Creysse’ suggested all sorts of other things … Had a Braque painting gone missing, or had the artist had a creative crisis at Creysse? Never occured to me that the famous Cubist painter might share his name with a breed of dog, but do like the coincidental resonance of Braque being a pointer.

If you think that pretentious you-know-what, that’s perfectly understandable, but reading culture, particularly in France, often involves drawing attention to interesting, but ultimately merely coincidental resonances. And the French love it when you do that!

Nevertheless, never thought I’d be able to link Georges Braque and a lost dog…

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Of course I knew of Braque, the artist, Mark, but was not familiar with him, though your post prompted me to do a little digging. Sadly he would not be amongst my favourites, not my style, but what do I know? I didn’t appreciate the Mona Lisa either when I wandered round the Louvre. I did see much I did like there though.

Braque the dog breed is not one I have had close contact with, but I have always appreciated Spaniels and Setters, one of the latter, my Tosca, only recently died. But she gave me such joy one day when she stopped on the walk and stood completely motionless staring intently into the forest. It took me some time to focus my eyes on the perfectly camouflaged new born deer which lay there unmoving, just as its mother intended while she went off to feed. The sort of dog I appreciate, not a killer, once she had drawn my attention to the little one, she moved on to continue her walk. Not sure my current foster, Jules, a mixture of Beauceron, Dobermann (both stock guarding breeds not hunters) and Bruno de Jura, definitely a hunter, would be so gentle in the same situation. Perhaps not fatal though, as long as it obeyed its genes, and didn’t run.

Anyway, almost at the same time as I posted Paco in Creysse, I saw that he had been found. :slightly_smiling_face: