Braverman has to go, how long will it take?

Yvette Cooper explains concisely why Braverman us unfit for office.

If Sunak is smart, and I hope he is, he should go with the flow and sack her, after some swift due process, based on this new information. He should tell the ERG he did his best but she was just too toxic. He should then appoint someone sensible to the job (not that he’s a lot to choose from).

She could always be appointed British ambassador to Rwanda. It’s a wonderful place to live we’ve been told (by Priti Patel).

Next he should get rid of Cleverly, the biggest misnomer in the Cabinet.


He’s my MP. I didn’t vote for him nor will I - ever!

Professor Tim reckons seven weeks…
I think it will be sooner and won’t outlast the latest lettuce head :slightly_smiling_face:

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OTOH Tim Wilson has amended his view… he now reckons 7 days not weeks :rofl:

I am writing to my MP because Braverman is against allowing people to come and work temporarily on farms. She doesn’t give a damn about British farmers livelihoods.


Ah, Cruella. The one who’s ‘dreaming’ of a first refugee flight to Rwanda before Christmas.

There’s a Xmas panto in there somewhere, based on a famous, updated Dickens story.

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Liz Truss was guilty of a worse transgression than Braverman, but the powers that be thought that it should be kept secret, so she stood for PM knowing that she had broken the Ministerial Code and that her phone had been hacked by, most likely the Russians and they had listened in to her discussing the war in Ukraine with other foreign Ministers.
She needs to be prosecuted.

Nazi, moi?