Breakdown Cover in UK for short visit

Planning to visit UK next month and will be doing a lot of mileage. I understand that French car insurance covers breakdown/road-side assistance but does that extend to UK? Have looked at buying short-term coverage with AA/RAC/Green Flag but they only seem to offer this for UK residents travelling to Europe and not vice-versa. Any advice/recommendation much appreciated.

What does your French Insurer say about travel abroad ???

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Mine does (Allianz).
But you would need to check your policy, all insurances are not the same.

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Travel abroad is covered by my French Insurer and supposedly for road-side assistance in the event of breakdown, however unable to get clarification as to the extent of the latter. That’s why I was hoping to find a short-term breakdown cover with the likes of AA or RAC. Anyone done this when taking their car to UK?

Have you tried ADAC? They dont cover us in the UK any more but do cover Europeans.

I’d say so but check the policy or call their emergency number and ask :slightly_smiling_face: