BREAKING - Donald Trump out of presidential race

Donald Trump has apparently removed himself from the presidential race suggesting that it was all just a publicity stunt for his upcoming reality show "I'm the President - Get me Out of Here".

If anyone has any doubts about whether the French do April Fool, watch this.

Hi John. I wasn't trying to compare the US to France. I was simply commenting on the Trump phenomena. However, if the cap fits.....

Trump in the States, Farage in the UK, Le Pen in France - its all the same thing in my humble opinion.

Not sure how many Arabs you know - I guess I know a dozen or so here in France - several as pretty good friends - all of whom are hard working and speak several languages (probably far better than you and I). And without exception, they are all decent family orientated people. Perhaps they are not representative of all arabs - who knows, but I take people as I find them.

Conversely, I know loads of British (I've lived in France for 14 years), who still don't speak a word of French and, if they do work, its on the black. Perhaps they are not representative of all Brits - who knows.

Finally, can I say that my wife and I speak pretty good French. When we are at home, we speak English..when we walk around Auchan doing the shopping, we still speak in English.. when I watch TV its in English.

Would this get on your nerves? Apologies...I'm not trying to be a smart arse, I'm just commenting on what you have said.

I’m not sure one can compare the US to France Paul. Every time I hear arabic spoken here it grates. I’ve come here, settled here and, to the best of my ability, integrated here. I’ve worked hard to to learn the language, my late wife spoke french better than most french people, I pay a lots of tax in France. I do object to Arabs (dare I say it) that come here and avail of the benefits, contribute nothing and refuse to integrate. Notwithstanding that I have friends of north african origin who are great busines peope, hard working and contribute. Sadly they are in the minority.

Say what you like about Trump. His task is to get himself elected. To get elected you have to understand what the electorate wants. He understands what they want - so if you think this statement is not true, then why does he keep winning?

Should you choose to go into any pub in Britain - preferably the Vault as it's called in the North - you will hear exactly the same opinions being exchanged. And as middle England has now decamped to rural France, you will also hear the same ideas being espoused (although naturally, not as loudly - and in a different accent).

How many times have I heard this at dinner parties here in France.. "... well of course, I've nothing against immigrants, but..."

Trump is not stupid... just dangerous.

We’re in the right place Valerie and not by accident but by choice. Let’s watch the game unfold.

It's called Poisson d'Avril here. Kids (or adults) traditionally try to pin paper fish on your back.

I don't know who would be the female version of Victor Meldrew but that's certainly me, especially before I've had a gallon of coffee in the morning. But, no, it does make me thankful sometimes that I'm far, far away in the French countryside, albeit working 24/7, listening to the birds singing and simply taking care of my little family.

I know Valerie but at 62 I think, despite getting all Victor Meldrew myself at times, I’ll just try and look after mes proches. There are really shitty powers in control WW. The US has lost it’s way, Saudi and Israel are rogue states. The UK is knackered but doing a great PR job on the proles, Rule Britannia, ha ha ha. I think France is one of the few countries where the “proletariat” can still kick over the traces and thank goodness for that.

Part of me agrees, John - you get wotcha vote for. But I am concerned what actual plan is in his head when he makes bold statements (and these are direct quotes from him but my italics) such as:

"Another radical Islamic attack, this time in Pakistan ... I alone can solve"

"Donald Trump will defeat ISIS" and

"Just announced that as many as 5000 ISIS fighters have infiltrated Europe. Also, many in U.S. I TOLD YOU SO! I alone can fix this problem!"

Sounds like he's ready to press the red button just to prove the point.

Do the French understand our "April Fool's Day" or is it something just in American and Britain?

What a massive intellect. Il dit n’importe quoi. But nestled here in the Sud my bad, silly and irresponsible side thinks the Yanks deserve him. He represents current US values far better than any of their great statesmen of the past.

Academic research says that people with even a small inclination toward or respect for authoritarianism and order empathize with The Donald.

Nice April fool! But dreams do come true!

Nice one James. You’ve highlighted Mr. Truumps one real skill.

Seriously, that man.

And Mike Bloomberg has stepped up, assured the American people that despite his religious beliefs that he will negotiate with ISIS and Mexicans will be allowed into America so long as they bring a bottle of Tequila for me.

To me Donald Trump appears to me as a bully who thinks his wealth gives him carte blanche to ride roughshod over everything and everybody. If he has withdrawn from the campaign for US President, then I imagine may folk will heave a sigh of relief. I wonder if he knows that his surname to some ofus means to break wind ? Just saying.

....and I heard Cruz has also dropped out of the race. Happy days!!!

I will miss him
He tells his mind straight and clear on terrorism. The other issues i can ignore