Breathalyser kit for your car

If I am correct, we all have to carry two breathalyser kits in our cars from 1st July. I thought the supermarkets would try and make a killing on this, but so far have not seen them offered for sale in Carrefour or Intermarché, which are the only supermarket chains to which I have access. Anyone got any ideas as to where they are available, and what they are called?

Once acquired, these are to be added to the list of items you must have in your car - I set out my understanding below and would appreciate any corrections.

Carte grise/certificate d'immatriculation

Driving licence

Insurance papers

Warning triangle

High-viz jacket

set of spare bulbs (recommended but not obligatory?)

"Given the main lobbyist for them was a pal of Sarko who has a major holding in one of the companies producing them I would describe it as a scam."

Some of us feel that government is a scam......... Scams are designed to deceive people and these days there is little distinction between that and what governments are doing. This one was dressed up to make the softer headed people think it would reduce drunk driving. All it will do is line the pockets of the guys at the top who have shares in the company.

Perhaps they have given up making them and just all gone off to spend the profits

Given the main lobbyist for them was a pal of Sarko who has a major holding in one of the companies producing them I would describe it as a scam.

And I got mine 2 weeks ago in Leclerc - but now they have sold out again! My garagiste told me it had been put back to March next year - and he doesn't think it will ever come into effect.

Reads like a 'Goons' script!

That's good news - still can't the damn things here in Lourdes so I guess now I don't need to worry about it :)

Really David? hadnt heard that.......*$%£@?~#!!!!!!!! bet that got by the profanity identifier!

So it's been extended until next year now and may even be abandoned. Those who have bought will find those time expired by the time, if ever, the law is finally introduced. Nice little earner for the very few accredited firms selling the tings which must cost centimes to produce.

Me like too. Two € for two at Leclerc, we bought a pair too.


Noticed as I drove past the petrol station at our mini Carrefour in Eymet today..that they are advertising they have them in. I bought mine at LeClerc 3 weeks ago...and they were cheap...cant remember the price but around 2 or 3 euros for a pack of 2.

I haven't read all 30 pages of this discussion so apologies if I repeat anything that has already been posted.

I was told by a friend the other day that we shouldn't be paying more than 1.70€ for each breathalyser kit. She was told this by feu vert who also said that whilst they were out of stock at the moment they would be receiving deliveries every 2 weeks so to keep checking back with them. As feu vert are a national chain I am assuming that this applies to the whole country.

yep...I paid 1.98 for two at LeClerc......Bergerac...but that was 3 weeks they are all gone now!


Maybe they are the Cartier ones for that discerning brandaholic

"Only" five euros!

Two euros each at Carrefour in Creche-sur-Saone.

I would check your local garage sheila. I had no problem getting 2 packs for our cars at our local garage in Samer and only 5 euros each. Each pack contained two tests as required by this new law and you have plenty of time with the law not being implimented for months yet.

Must laugh though about making sure your car lights are working. Most cars in my area constantly only have one headlilght working.

Neil, it was 1 July BUT the law will not be enforced until 1 November. Feels like somebody is taking the urine out of us, namely the former UMP government.

I went into our pharmacie on Friday and they had none in stock and the date for the introduction is now November.

When in Rome etc.