Hi .
I am in need of a breathalyzer kit, I have looked on line and they all appear to come from the UK .which quadruples the price . where can I get them in France.



Do you need one to comply with the law? If so the law here is odd as making them compulsory was deemed to be unnecessary. Strangely the requirement to carry two breathelisers still stands but the fine for failing to do so has been reduced to €0.00. If you need one for a different reason keep looking, if you need one to abide by the letter of the law I suggest that you do as others do and don’t bother.


They sell them in our local Carrefour

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I got mine from the chemists.

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I will have to check more local,Thankyou

Feu Vert and Nor Auto also do them

1 Like - éthylotest or alcooltest or even breathalyser seems to bring up plenty…