Brexit 2: May & Trump vs Truth, with Stephen Fry


Good link, thanks James.

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Yes, excellent.

Sadly I suspect only those who already know most of the points raised to be true will actually watch the video.

I despair of democracy.
Corbyn does not want to grant voting rights to UK expats who have been out of the country for more than fifteen years because he fears that they would not vote Labour. He refuses to listen to his own party members in the constituencies who want a People’s vote.
This whole Brexit mess was caused by the extreme right wing of the Tory party.
You only have to listen to the ’ man or woman’ on the street to see that they don’t even want to know the facts, they have made their minds up about immigration, taking back control etc. and they are too stupid to see that they have been totally manipulated.
Who could imagine that workers in car plants that owe their very existance to the fact that the UK is in the EU would vote to Leave?
My only hope is that the centre is staging a comeback, hopefully not too late.

I suspect it is actually a bit more complex.

The Tory Eurosceptics shoulder much of the blame but we also have the drip-feed of anti-eu sentiment over the past 20+ years from the right wing “Red Top” press, Farage and UKIP played their role as well. Not to mention those with something to gain from the chaos caused by leaving (JRM, Aaron Banks and many others).

OK and their henchmen.


Although I am not sure who is who’s henchman (or woman).