Brexit and EHIC

Hello, I am new on this forum so here is my first offering!
Thinking about our motoring trip to the UK on 9th April. What if there is a no deal brexit? Presumably our EHIC card will expire whilst over there, although our healthcare is covered by the UK under our S1’s. Not sure how this will work!

Surely your EHIC is issued by the UK so healthcare shouldn’t be a problem, if in doubt get travel insurance.

If you have an S1 because you are a state pensioner then you are entitled to NHS treatment again. I even have an NHS card now, and am registered with a GP in the the UK. (Well I was, they might have dumped me because I haven’t been there for years!) They didn’t bat an eyelid when I said I was a non-resident pensioner.

That is interesting Jane. Post Brexit seems to be a minefield in so many areas!

Another way to cover all eventualities is to buy your travel tickets using a credit or debit card that includes travel and medical insurance automatically when you use the card for said purchase.

This happened as a result of my case against the French health authorities.
The UK changed the terms of its agreement on health with the EU, it became cheaper, and this allowed people with a S1 to return to UK for treatment.
However, each Health Trust has different terms for treating us.
Ian Duncan Smith anouncing this change tried to make it seem as though he was making it easier for retirees, whereas, it was really a cost saving exercise.
Typical of the man.

And of course most of us have repatriation and limited medical expenses cover under our household, motor and mutual assurance cover