Brexit deadlock - as Tusk says ‘special place in hell’ for Brexiteers with no plan

You can go on Donald Tusk’s facebook page and thank him for saying it how it is.
The Brexiteers have been holding everyone hostage and it’s about time they were called out for the pain they are causing people in pursuit of their rabid hatred of Europe.


Alternatively you could say that his comments were typical of the man, both unhelpful and unprofessional given his position.


Given his position and any of the negotiators for the EU, I wonder how many of them have holes in the walls of their offces where they have been banging their heads.


You can’t blame him for thinking it, but as a professional politician he should not have said it. It’s the sort of thing Trump would say.


It is both a reasonable comment in the circumstances and one which should be aired - the Leave campaign had no idea and in fact the prominent Brexiteers had been arguing about it for years; May sought no consensus before triggering A50.

To take a nation out of 47 years of close political and economic association with its largest market for goods, services and labour without figuring out how to manage the transition first was and remains reckless in the extreme.


Without caring for the effects of losing Freedom of Movement would have on those citizens already established and living in other EU countries.
It is wicked.


I must say that the truth hurts sometimes, I cannot imagine how frustrating it must be, its like having a child. " how many times must I tell you no"

Do you mean childbirth?

If so the hurt you are talking of may be of the correct magnitude!

No being a male never had to endure that wonderful experiance. Just wish i did not have to endure that most painful experiance,

“Rabid hatred”…ridiculously inflammatory language & in my experience simply not true…


I agree Tim…The following offering from Toby, is particularly apt…

Personally for Tusk,& his cronies… I’m hoping for ‘damnation, without relief’…

In the Uk, (& in Italy, Poland, Hungary, Greece etc), we recognise the writing on the wall for the future of the EU, if the plans come to fruition…Of course, maybe you are ok with all this…“If we remain in the EU by 2020 the EU will control every country’s tax, tax increases etc direct, that is their plan and by 2022 the L i sbon treaty says all countries must have joined the Euro…so giving the EU more & more control…Don’t forget,obeying all laws made in Brussels, being punishable by the EU Courts, your kids being called up into the EU army (yes there is one). Macron is already calling up his 16 year olds”…etc. etc…

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That post really does come across as paranoia - where on earth have you got these suggestions from?


" In the Uk, (& in Italy, Poland, Hungary, Greece etc), we recognise the writing on the wall"

Why just the countries with extreme-right governments?


Macron is calling up 16 year olds???

Since when did you start writing for the Daily Fail!!!


16 year olds will have to do a form of ‘National Service’ lasting a month, another of Manu’s great ideas.

The JDC sounds like a good idea… currently for 16-25’s…

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A colleague back in 2003 was French - younger than me, in his late 20’s or early 30’s at the time but he’d done national service - claimed it was the most pointless exercise in his whole life.

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Becase they are being told to.