Brexit: Impact across policy areas - House of Commons paper released today

For those wanting to keep up to date with developments/Parliament opinion

Interesting - no real surprises.

BREXIT is BREXIT the PM said!

Things change weekly, according to what else is going on in EU and elsewhere!

Germany and France export more to UK than UK does to them. Without good post BREXIT bilateral trade deals, it would affect their own economies more than UK's longterm, not to mention the EU Budget missing the UK annual contribution.

Im not sure which sector in UK the French expats work, but think it may be in the City, office based work, rather than manufacturing. Not sure how many German expats live there either. Germany has probably the best engineers,so they are manufacturers, France is renowned for its culinary expertise - agriculture, viticulture and farming being their main export industries? I'm thinking. South and West mainland Europe is big on tourism because of Climate first and foremost, I can't see tourism changing, in or out of EC - except we do know climate change is already happening!

If UK invested more now in its own manufacture, and other sectors production, there would be more employment and yes, where and when necessary, take in immigrants who do have the skills needed - many of which the UK has let go of to concentrate more on financial and service sectors, to Governments apparent approval but not everyone can be office wallahs often collecting huge annual bonuses, on top of what were very well paid salaries and future final salary guaranteed indexed linked pensions, do their job, even if it means they pay more in taxes.

The other big worldwide money spinner is associated with computing and the Internet, both areas the USA, UK, Japan are big players in.

If BREXIT doesn't happen, not much, if anything, will change in the EC or UK, it will be same old, same old - unless Merkel and Hollande lose their seats in their own General Elections and different political parties rule! We already know there is a chance of that happening, but JcJunckers was elected by politicians not the people, for 5 yrs. I am also beginning to think Teresa May is quite astute and more clever than many give her credit for, also that is why she has not yet triggered Article 50. She is keeping UK's options open! I would not be totally surprised if she returns from China saying a deal will be done with them over Hinckley Point Nuclear Plant, once she has discussed other trade options with the Chinese, which I trust will include the fact China Exports Fakes of many originals, angora products, supplements, including Viagra, skin care products, watches, - you name it, if it has a Name and Value in Europe and god knows where else - the Chinese produce exceptionally good fakes including the packaging and brand labels - 'good' till they are bought and used by the consumer and proven to be fakes, leaving genuine manufacturer initially with a bad reputation and the consumer out of pocket! There is currently a UK tv morning programme called Fake Britain! BBC I think. It's amazing what has been scientifically looked at and proven not to contain what labels says.

Historically UK based trade and finance goes back centuries to the days of Wooden Ships, not just decades, that is why for whatever its social problems in the here and now - Britain did move the times and adapted to the realities of life and still a big part of what British Culture and heritage is about. Obama's comments televised today are almost irrelevant this minute - no one is definitely sure what Hilary Clinton or Trump's Policy on BREXIT, relative to their own country's trade deal with UK, will be. Again a couple of centuries of history may play its part one way or other. I also think UK Expats will get the vote and MP representation in the future.