Brexit impact from 1 Jan 2021

In today’s Independent newspaper.

I liked this bit:


At present, there is no legal agreement for any flights between the UK and the European Union from 1 January 2021.


I hope that the penny finally drops with all the people who voted Leave that they were lied to, plain and simple.

As I have observed before anyone can offer anything - I could sell people 2 week hotel stays on the moon if I fancied. It’s delivering on the promises that is the tricky bit.

Sadly they have now proven that they are gullible and no-one likes to admit htat, even privately, so they will probably swallow the additional lie that it is all the EU’s fault (or Remoaners, or Covid, or the fecking tooth fairy) without batting an eyelid.


Does the hotel have a pool & good WiFi?


the flights are a white knuckle ride though… saves a fortune on the fairground and big dipper rides :wink:


I see Michael Gove has said that the EU will be to blame if brexit causes border chaos in January because of its ‘rules are rules’ approach…

Hmmmm What about everyone turning up to the HoC en-mass and taking up seats on the lovely green benches and interrupting proceedings with their own views on things or raiding the tea rooms :thinking:
Of course not!
Rules are rules - I think they will be given short shrift :roll_eyes:

WiFi throughout and the Buzz Aldrin suite has a pool - 50 BitCoin per 24 hours to you sir, would you like to make a reservation? Payment in advance only :slight_smile:

Trouble with links to The Independent is they want you to urn your adblocker off before they’ll let you read anything!

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So is it really such a big deal that visiting the EU from the UK after Jan 1st will involve the same passport and customs rules as going anywhere else in the world ?

It is possibly the living in other countries that people are particularly concerned with rather than just visiting.

The Polly Toynbee piece in the Guardian today is worth a read …just common sense , but the one thing I cannot understand about it all is why my generation bought it hook line and sinker


I read it last night when a link was posted on here - I fully agree it is worth a read - difficult to disagree with her conclusions.

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On the contrary I find it very easy to disagree - there is a good chance Johnson will prevaricate his way to no deal on the 31st - either because he is incapable of making a decision (which very much seems to be his form when choices are hard) or under the misapprehension that the EU will “blink at the last minute”.

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And if you tuen it off you can’t read anything because of all the pop up ads…


But could he really be that stupid… Oh OK I take your point!

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If he is forced to make a decision, cue another bout of covid, isolation, etc …:laughing::grin:

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Maybe Brexit impact on football will result in a positive outcome with a resurgence of UK talent?

"The Football Association has announced a radical post-Brexit shake‑up that will mean premier league and EFL clubs cannot sign foreign players until they are 18, with all transfers from European Union nations set to be subject to work permits that will be allocated using a points-based system.

In a controversial move that could have seismic effects on the recent dominance of English clubs over their European rivals, a joint statement from the FA, Premier League and EFL confirmed on Tuesday that the new system, which will come into force when the UK’s transition period after leaving the EU ends on 31 December and has been approved by the Home Office, will also see Premier League clubs limited to signing no more than three overseas players under the age of 21 in any single transfer window and a total of no more than six per season.