Brexit Legal Challenge from Expats Worldwide

I thought that members would be interested to know that there is a crowdfunded legal challenge underway to ensure a debate in Parliament. It is representing the issues we are all concerned with.

Here is a link to a piece by ITN on this, for your information.

Please tell me what you think?


Lindsey, there seem to be some questions emanating about the people and the administration of the crowd fund?

Thanks Chris - we've now discussed (sorry I accidentally replied to you by private message!)

Parliament debates Treaties. Article 50 is a Clause within a Treaty (of Lisbon which has already been, sort of, debated). No logic for a debate whether funded or not.

Jon, I understand there are six legal challenges underway or threatened if there is no debate. A substantial number of eminent QC, legal firms and The Lords are concerned at the uncosirutional nature of the attempt to force changed to exiting agreements with the proper debate?

It's not a debate, Jon, it's a judicial review by the High Court of the process by which the UK may lawfully exit the EU. A very substantial legal case has been launched to ensure that the courts decide - because we don't have a written constitution in the UK setting out the procedure. The expats have been given leave by a very senior judge to be a part of that case. More details are available on the Fair Deal for Expats website and you could contact them for further information.

Lawyers will always find a way to make their voices heard for cash. But the fact remains that there's nothing unconstitutional about using the Royal Perogative. The time for debating Article 50 was during the run up to the Treaty of Lisbon. I don't recall Gordon Brown getting excited about it at the time.

Only two ways to leave. By repealing the legislation that embraced the Common Market as it then was or by triggering Article 50. The legal consensus is that Article 50 is the only way. All the rest is lawyers charging fees.