Brexit means Brexit means Doom and Gloom

I thought he was a Parsee, Indian diaspora, gone to Zanzibar. Just checked - yes indeed that was it, his parents came from Gujarat and sent him back to India for school.


and so the crap from the UK continues… There is NO trade war with the EU (except in the minds of Doris and Frost et al)
extract from Stay European:

" Today’s newspapers are full of talk of a coming “trade war” with the EU over… sausages. But the EU has not changed a single rule.

So what is happening? The Brexit deal that the UK government signed – designed specifically to meet its red lines and demands – places Northern Ireland effectively within the EU single market, and the rest of the UK outside it. The EU didn’t want to divide the country into two different trade zones – that was the UK’s decision.

There was a temporary carve-out for some food exports but that is now about to expire. So those sausages can’t go to Northern Ireland.

The British government is acting like this is an outrage – but it has been there in black and white in the deal all along . It is there because the UK insisted on refusing to align with EU food hygiene standards. They always knew this was coming.

The government made it painfully obvious that it was going to renege on the final Brexit deal when it tried to pass a law last year that would have broken the withdrawal agreement. As Theresa May’s former chief of staff Gavin Barwell put it, “They knew it was a bad deal but agreed it to get Brexit done, intending to wriggle out of it later”. So the EU made sure to build in protections with teeth for when that happened.

The EU has simply said that it the UK continues to openly ignore the rules it signed up to in the Brexit deal, then it will act “swiftly, firmly and resolutely to ensure that the UK abides by its international law obligations”. Brexit Britain can’t break the rules without consequences."

So much for Doris saying that that this can easily be remedied :roll_eyes:

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It’s got to the point of Joe Biden issuing a huge diplomatic slap on the wrist, lets hope that, at least, has some effect.

Not sure that it will though.


It really needs a baseball bat


Well it does confirm the US position of their current administration that Brexit was a daft idea.

I think that is Biden’s view, yes.

It is my view - and also the view of probably a majority in the UK as well (a slim majority but I suspect, nonetheless, a majority).

However there are those who probably think it was a great idea and our current antagonism to the EU shows how strong we are as a nation, that we’re “standing up” to the oppressive regime, asserting our sovereignty and all that.

And, while I hesitate to invoke conspiracy theories, if this was a Putin directed attempt to wreck the UK economy and its position of influence on the global stage he is probably sitting in Moscow wondering how it could possibly have gone better.


I guess Putin’s main objective is to weaken the EU, and western alliances in general - he probably sees wrecking the UK economy etc merely as collateral damage.
Indeed, this has probably been an aspect of Russian foreign policy going way back into the 19th century!

so, they’ll be quite comfortable with the Doris’ 19C yacht then :rofl:

people have attributed Trump’s win over Hilary Clinton to Russian-paid fomenters

I have come to the conclusion this may have been how Brexit was fomented in 2016

The Russians have apparently been using such tactics to maintain disarray in Africa for years. With, for example, South Africa seeming not to have achieved the enormous potential its resources would seem to indicate should be possible. And don’t get me started on even the little I know about R.o.C. involvement in Africa.

The Czars were very pro-French in those days.

Shades of Windrush all over again for some EU residents in UK and we think we have problems in France…

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I wonder how carefully, or accurately, the Tories considered the political impact of bringing every decision on trade and tariffs to Westminster - losing both the accumulated expertise, and of course the scapegoat of Brussels?

I hear this morning that John Bercow has joined Labour

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Be prepared to bang the table when reading this account of idiot Frost answering questions put by the Commons foreign affairs committee.

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Did anyone really expect disengagement from the EU to be easy? No-one rewards disloyalty.

That makes you sound like you think the EU is being difficult which has not, generally, been the case throughout the Brexit process.

I think that the EU is getting fed up with the attitude of the UK though.


Sky TV and most mobile phone companies do!

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