Brexit means Brexit means Doom and Gloom

Brexit, the gift that just keeps giving…


Wooster-Mogg trying to pretend the inability to implement import controls on July 1st is a choice he has made :joy: Lies, lies and more lies.

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He’s right of course.

it gets worse…

An analysis of the effect of the Stormont elections on Brexit and the NIP.

Interesting summary…will the worm turn when the truth is out.

Today, 23 June 2022, marks the 6th anniversary of the vote to leave… where are we now?
Phil Moorhouse explores…

This weeks edition of The New European contains a number of good and perceptive articles to mark the sixth anniversaru of Brexit vote …and next week will be the sixth birthday of the paper. It has morphed into quite a good paper with more news about Euope rather than just ranting against Brexit. Bought from the original publishers six months ago (who also pub’ French Property News) it has just had substantial injection of outside funds and reently launched a revamped online app.

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Phil Moorhouse’s assessment of the Resolution Foundation Report on how Brexit is making the UK poorer.