Brexit tax - money saving ideas!

According to our politicians, any day now Britannia will rule the waves once more, we will start exporting jam to the French and naan breads to India, and let us not forget exporting goods to Australia - because that’s a good idea isn’t it? Perhaps we should reinstigate the slave trade whilst we’re at it…

Back in the real world, most of us are feeling the post Brexit pinch. And it’s not going to get better any time soon. Nearly everyone I speak to is talking about the need to economise.

So, as we are a pretty canny lot on SF, I thought we should compile a list of money saving suggestions and ideas. I’m off to work now but I’ll post some later. In the meantime, please start listing your money saving tips below and we can compile a ‘top ten’!

Have a great week everyone!


Instead of just reducing the number of MPs to 600 at the next election… reduce the number to zero. Saves on spending billions to ‘repair’ the Palace of Westminster and put all those grace and favour houses up on the market.

Save fortunes… enough to build a new fully staffed hospital every week…


One chicken, for both of us I roast it on day one, save some of the meat for Cantonese rice and freeze it and make a chicken bake with the left over gravy, vegetables with a topping of bread crusts and grated cheese for the next two days. I freeze the carcass and when I have two or three I make white chicken stock.
Also plan your journeys and make round trips taking in one or more things you have to do.
We use the pub from the supermarkets to buy meat on offer and freeze it.


don’t join a gym, dig over the garden, and grow vege.
Cycle everywhere and not use a car.
No landline, only internet and skype or a mobile. Mobiles work out so much cheaper now.

have an argument with evey one on the 1st of December, makeup on 1st of Jan, that way you don’t have to buy xmas gifts.

Last ones just a joke, I don’t buy xmas gifts ever. Nor do I accept them.

In fact theres the answer, become what we are all born as Atheist. never have to buy gifts , chocolate eggs or tithe to a church again!


About number of MPs - I do think this should be reduced to 100 with each party putting forward 100 names, members then being allocated based on the national share of the vote.

Could be located centrally in the county or run from each members home via Internet/video conference - this then does away with second homes & massive expenses.

Turkeys voting for Christmas does spring to mind however.


Savvy shopping is key and if you have lots of children Intermarché offers one of the best loyalty card schemes.
Always check the promo offers (but only ever buy what you would buy anyway!) - on Saturday I received 40.72 on my card which I can use on my next trip. This mainly came from buying 3 bags of cat food (50% credited on your card) = 9.50, then 3 bottles of olive oil (ditto = 18.60), then another 8.33 on a 2 pack of detergent. I already had 58e on my card which made it quite a cheap weekly shop.
Plan, plan, plan is my mantra. I know @vero does the same and buys her loo roll when Leclerc do their annual loo roll promotion. (Yes, if you are around Bergerac and see a harassed looking woman with three shopping trollies lashed together all full of loo roll, that will probably be our Veronique…)
Plus, if you hate shopping as much as I do, planning makes it a whole lot easier!


Is this a top tips style thread…

save money on expensive weddings by finding someone you hate and simply living with them for the rest of your life

Don’t waste money on expensive Apple Ipods, simply think of your favorite tune and hum it, if you want to switch tracks, just think of another tune and hum that instead.


Do people still buy loo paper? Real Eco Warriors like us just save up all the publicity that comes through the letterbox and then all you need is a ruler, Stanley knife and a perforating tool! If there was a league table of money saving ideas it would be a No1 or No2…

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Catherine, I agree and that is what we do. Also make a list and apart from good reductions that will not spoil, stick to it.
Look for planned eating ideas on the net.
We still have beetroot, carrots, fennel, aubergines, peppers and, of course, tomatoes, in the garden.
Our chickens are laying well and I have just made a buttered egg and mushroom loaf for lunch.
Only buy presents for the children, that way you can get yourself what you want and save on postage.
I am knitting pullovers for my grandchildren in Munich and one of my grandsons has asked me to make him a napkin with his initial on it. He is just six and is proud of my sweaters, he tells his friends that his granny makes then because she loves him.

Oh God, this is just too depressing. Are we really returning to the Digging For Britain 1940s?

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Apparently there was a great sense of camaraderie and “all in it together” in the digging-for-Britain 1940s, and people actually used to help each other out. A bit of that wouldn’t come amiss now, would it?

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It certainly wouldn’t. If anyone would like to post me some Marmite I will send you the address!

Certainly feels like it here at SF Towers!

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And don’t forget to…


Real Eco warriors put a Pas De Publicite sticker on the box :wink:

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Are you telling me that I need a…

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looks like it.
Back to depression like in 2008!
First the banksters and now the brexiters
The xxxx won’t live and let live. They have to concoct another slump to amuse them selves