Brexit Vote, what next!

Oh I’m under no illusions Mick, I know the cost of living is high, but it’s important for me and I’m sure many others to understand this so David and I can properly plan our futures.

I’ve done a fair bit of research before this point I know building materials are expensive and goods and services to and stuff in shops, cars etc. But it’s hard to pinpoint true costs. I want to understand the real cost of utilities etc as it will help me narrow down the choices I go with for heating, hot water, sewage, vehicles etc. Also the cost of health insurance that’s one I’m really struggling to nail, as I have a chronic condition so hard to work out if I’d get 100% back etc. We plan to live a very simple frugal life, nothing fancy growing our own fruit and veg, chickens, making our own bread etc so it’s working out our true day to day costs I guess, would do we need to live on annually. I will be drawing down my Civil Service pension so it’s at what point I do that to make the move sustainable.

And then double it!

Understand, we can go into more detail when you start a new thread.

The UK cost of living is not exactly small right now. Over the last 2-3 years I have seen significant increases in the cost of living.

My mortgage £1026 a month!
Food average £100-120 a month
TV/phone/internet £116 a month + £12 month TV licence
Electric £56 a month
Water £31 a month
Home insurance £38
Council Tax £88 with 25% single living deduction
Mobile + tablet £55 a month.

So would be interesting to see the comparisons for these but I’ll start that new thread now

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Well my 79 year old dad is marching tomorrow along with my 76 year old mum.


I’ve started a new thread here to take this topic forward.

Heating oil is currently €1,05 per litre in Normandy.

I stupidly booked a UK narrow boat holiday starting on 29th March. It was last September and I naively assumed Brexit would be sorted. We return to France on the 9th April and are hoping the dog’s pet passport will be accepted both ways.

I am fervently hoping that April 22nd will not, ultimately, be Brexit day.

Well looking at the current chaos and panic going on in No10 today I think you’ll be OK! I think May’s resignation is rapidly approaching as she has now lost control of Brexit it seems. It looks like her deal will be heavily defeated she has to hold the vote as it’s a condition of last nights extension. But it’s destined for another heft historic defeat. I fully expect right now Cabinet Ministers are asking her to prepare to stand down. I foresee it being by Wednesday. And a number of indicative votes follow yet to see if it will be the Government or Parliaments who gets to table those motions though. Bercow will have a great deal of power on that one!

It’s a bloody tight schedule though, as it has to include a further vote on her deal, plus indicative votes, plus altering the Withdrawal Bill to change the date, and getting back to the EU with something concrete all within three weeks.

Theoretically possible…x :slight_smile:

Well especially given Parliament is scheduled to take Easter recess from the 5th April and not scheduled to return until 23rd! Can’t see that surviving!

As recommended on this site speak to Fabien I’m sure he can guide you.

You poor, poor man…

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I shall seek help.

I’m on a ferry right now, coming back next Wednesday when my dad’s funeral is arranged, then back to UK for that and hopefully back home before the 12th, got to take the dog with us.

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We go out to France on the 10 th so hoping that Brexit is not the 12th. Otherwise we might have to persuade the next door neighbour she really loves the dog


Theresa May could drop vote on Brexit deal if it lacks support

Make your bloody mind up woman!! I’m sure EU extension was subject to this vote!

Well she might go really mad and revoke Article 50.