Bricard lever handle without visible screws - how to remove?

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I had such great response to my last question that this is up next: it seems the lock on our front door is kaput. Wasn’t locking and we tried to take it apart but can’t seem to figure how to release the lever part from the main body of the locking system in the door. There are tiny holes in the lever which seem too small for any Allen key but we thought lever might be on a thread so we can use holes as leverage for a screwdriver and hammer but no luck. Man wants to saw off in frustration. I am in no way mechanical but I have a feeling somehow it’s stupidly simple - we just don’t know how yet?

Any suggestions? Thanks team! :smiley:

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Can we see a photo please?

Here it is! Thx James!!

It could be a very tiny Allen key but it looks too small. What about the other handle, is it identical?

Yes, identical both sides. We’re using the smallest Allen key which enters but it doesn’t seem to be making connection??

If the hole goes straight through the handle then it could well be a small split pin that needs knocking out.

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I reckon you just need the correct size allen key.

Awesome video! We did see it and thx for sending. :kissing_heart: We’re doing it exactly right! We are using our smallest Allen key but it is simply not making purchase for some reason. We’re just going to try to change the cylinder without removing the actual lever and see what happens. It’s one of those 3 part slidey locks (up the side of the length of the door) so it may not like that but at least the ‘main’ lock might work. Not bad for a pair of amateurs! We’ll let you know how we make out! Uh oh…ce n’est pas marche…now what??? :confused:

Maybe your allen key is too small and is just spinning in the socket?

Thanks Michael for your input - piddly sized holes differ in size though. We tried our Allen key on one side and a paper clip in the smaller but not getting anywhere… :slightly_frowning_face: We tried phoning a locksmith but he doesn’t want to come out to where we are…anyone know someone who may be able to give us a hand in the Haute Vienne (near Saint Germain les Belles?) I think it’s just a matter of the right tool and knowledge of this particular vintage of Bricard handle…we were just going to add a new deadbolt and let the malfunctioning handle be for show but we don’t have the tools to drill into the stonework and so round and round it goes! :upside_down_face:

It seems the bigger one is too big and the smaller one is too small… Here’s a good question? Right or left to release? In Canada it’s “righty tighty, leftie loosey.” :smiley:
I think we’ll have to admit defeat, call the locksmith, pay the “far fee” and get on with deferring to the experts. We can do our best but we won’t be able to fix everything…Is it apero hour yet??? :smirk:

Anti clock wise to undo, leftie loosey! :slight_smile:

At least you tried! It’s a bit early for apero but who cares?

After 5 trips to Limoges, 3 trips to local garage to cut metal with tools we don’t have and 3 days of fiddling and swearing, we managed to install new locking mechanism and fix our door all by ourselves! Who needs ‘an expert’ when you have sheer determination and perseverance?? Hero biscuit please! Yay us!!


Before removing the rose trim, look for any depressions or slots on the lever. By inserting a flat head screwdriver into the space and pressing the release button when you see it, you can remove the rose trim. After you’ve actuated the lever, pull away the rose trim to see the interior mechanism.


Good advice but the post is 4 years old from an ex- member….

Welcome anyway.