Bring back the old SFN

I am not an ‘avid’ user of SFN so perhaps have missed some of the discussion on this topic, but I really don’t like the format of the forums any more. Too many categories and it seem that one cannot make the same post on more than one category even though there is so much overlap. The old SFN was much better. This is change for change sake with no benefit. Why am I writing this - I don’t know, it will no doubt not be published. I used to rely on SFN as an important resource but feel it has lost its way now

Not sure what the “old SFN” was, I remember a few changes but nothing major? but this works for me as is, in fact I like it. When I log on I always look at “latest posts” so it makes no difference what category a post was posted in. If the same post was posted in several categories I guess I would see it several times on the latests posts page, possibly with different replies, which would be a bit pointless. But I’m a simple soul and to be honest it had never occurred to me to look at posts category by category.


Yep, it’s easier to keep track of discussions and you can see who’s replying to who and it takes you to where you left off in discussions. Stick with it, Geoff, it grows on you :wink:

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I find the current format very straightforward. I look at the latest posts and it’s easy to see what is new and which comments are in reply to which contributor.

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I love the new format - intuitive and easy! Maybe it’s just a question of how you’re using it Geoff. Pointless making the same post under different category headings - that just wasting folks time! Really irritates me when people do that. As a start, try using the ‘Latest’ and ‘New’ buttons on the homepage.

I very much doubt the changes were for change sake - it’s a business for the guys that run it so that would be just daft now wouldn’t it?? Anyway, your post was ‘published’ even though it’s quite acidic @geoff_faulkner. Maybe if your feedback was more specific and objective - it would be more helpful and valid.