Bringing UK car into France

Hi out there we are moving to France have brought a house in Dec waiting on Visa . If the visa is sorted we are booking removals and was driving separately. I have however seen on Connexion that France does no longer recognise the conformity form to take the cars over ? can anyone advise us on this ? Also if we add the cars to the list for customs / removals we won’t have a problem ?? Confused

Are you referring to a certificate of conformity?
It is true that some operatives at ANTS are confused by the phrase that appears on many cocs for UK cars

Some interpret this as “…can ONLY be…” & demand a DREAL check. It is pointless as the EU coc already confirms that the vehicle meets all EU standards &, as a CT is required before the car goes to DREAL, it also meets all French safety standards such as headlight aim etc.
Oddly, if your V5c has the correct type numbers next to D.2. on your V5c then a coc is not required to be submitted for registration - physically the same car, same UK specifications but if the numbers are present, no problem. Submit a coc with those numbers on & there is a chance it will be refused, but not in all cases!
A bizarre situation but it does not mean that all cocs for UK cars are no longer accepted, so the Connexion is wrong.
I could go on about this as it has been annoying me for some time!

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Thanks again for your help theres so much info out there some good some conflicting this move from UK to france post B has its challenges thats for sure !!

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Would you be able to guide us to whatwe need to do to in regards to getting our cars / motorbike onto the french system ? Thanks

Yes of course.