Brit needs a holiday

As soon as it is safe for all concerned, we would like to have another holiday in France. This time in an Airbnb or gite but where river fishing is available. Two older adults, two beds required. No steep stairs please. West coast area. Parking and internet needed. Suggestions ??

Hi cowgirl and welcome to the forum.

Just thinking… perhaps you might amend the title to something like…

“Brit needs holiday with river-fishing provided” - this might grab someone’s eye…

In France, I don’t think it’s as simple as throwing a line into whatever waterway… I think you’d need a licence, unless you are on an “official” fishing location… and there are specific open/closed seasons…

whatever, I’m sure others will join in with their thoughts and ideas.

good luck

If you search for “gîtes avec etang privé”and the Department of France that appeals you will get loads!?

Like this:

Oops, edit you said river fishing…so gîtes avec pêche rivière will get you there, like this


There are many people on here with Gite so hopefully someone will come along.

I am not sure ours is suitable as steepish stairs - there is plenty of fishing nearby however!

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Matt, such a lovely house! You must be so pleased to have it up and running.

Is this just your website for UK people? Do you have another one as French websites have a number of legal requirements, incl you need a Siret number on it, and I presume you will be over the 23k threshold so professional. The fines can be up to €1,500.

(Having said that I’ve just checked ours, and the little box has vanished again. Note to self…add it back in tomorrow)

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Thanks Jane - I will look into it.

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If you are a land owner where your land goes down to the river, then in most instances, you will have fishing rights for the stretch of river which borders the land, and your property rights extend up to half way across the width of the river. As usual with land usage, there are exceptions of course !
We looked at buying a house with a stretch of river included, fortunately, the land was owned by the same person on both sides, so no half and half sharing, and the owner went to great lengths to show us the relevant articles of the legal texts. What you’re not supposed to do, even if you own both sides, is alter the course of the river, damn it up, or prevent people coming down or up it (at least that was my understanding of the relevant texts).

Congratulations on a superb property. Outstanding. May you be subject to embarrassing levels of bookings! :grinning:

With the rain over the past couple of years I would be concerned about flooding which was so widespread a couple of months ago.

That would be nice - just 1 would be good to get us off and running!

As with so many things, there’s a lot of info about freshwater fishing on the Service Publique site…

I put ‘Vire’ and ‘St. Lo’ in the ‘Location des Vacances - Peche’ search and came up with nothing :thinking:

Either this means there’s no river fishing in Calvados or Manche - difficult to believe - or it’s all association controlled. I hope the latter because …

Ta-daaa! :loudspeaker:

Having made a slightly cheeky offer on Friday afternoon on a house overlooking the Vire valley, on the edge of the town, on Saturday morning the offer was accepted!

All my fishing tackle is in a shed in NW Somerset. Retrieving it is still too set about with Covid malarky.


Which is why we didn’t put in an offer in the end despite the tempting fishing rights - the river in question is a mountain fed one, subject to torrential downpour run-off, and despite the height of the land above the river on which the house was built, we felt it too close nonetheless for those times when the river will inevitably flash flood.

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The local fishing associations generally have a fairly large selection of both river and lake fishing to offer, and the fishing licence cost varies depending on what you want to fish and where. However, unless there are reciprocal agreements, it does make fishing outside the “département” potentially relatively limited. One good thing now is that most, if not all, fishing associations, allow you to buy your licence online and print it out yourself.

Looks fabulous! The ‘newly installed childrens playground’ is IDENTICAL to what they just installed here too :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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