Britain’s miserly post-Brexit offer to EU nationals shows a disdain for rights

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Thanks James,

That’s ‘cheerful’ reading, while I choke on my breakfast… :slight_smile:

From the article:

“Quid pro quo, British citizens wishing to work in Italy or Germany will need to apply for work permits under the national laws of those countries, with EU nationals given first preference. Those travelling for business will need to be careful not to breach standard visit visa rules on conducting such business. British citizens wishing to retire in Spain will have to meet the same Spanish immigration law requirements as for American, Indian and other foreign nationals. British visitors to the EU will not be permitted to remain for any longer than six months.”

Hopefully the above, might not be as bad as it sounds (if the EU responds the same way as the UK?). As the Britexiters always tell me, there were UK peeps, living happily over here, back in the ‘dark ages’. But I guess they were ‘Expats’ and could afford this set up? :slight_smile:




I think more to the point, plenty of other foreign peeps manage to move to the EU under the current arrangements. Just, they have to put a bit more more effort into planning and preparing for the move - which might not be altogether a bad thing in some cases…

Where does this 6 months come from? British visitors to the EU (well France at least) are officially limited to 3 months as things stand now, so 6 months would be a bonus!
At present, as I understand it as per French law, EU and non EU citizens alike can visit France for up to 3 months as visitors. Beyond the 3 months, EU citizens can stay on and become resident subject to status and meeting the conditions for freedom of movement, and non EU citizens have to apply for a carte de séjour temporaire visiteur. No visitor technically has the unconditional right to stay for 6 months without so much as a by your leave.

I got a job in Germany ( loong before EU), I applied for work and ‘aufenthalt’ permit, quit my job and apartment and waited nervously for the permits. I think it was 2 weeks before I had to leave my apartment and job that I got the work permit, phew! The stay-visa I got in Germany once I had an address : I had to rent an apartment before I got the visa allowing me to stay. Chicken and egg thing throughout the process . EU-rules made this so much easier.
Maybe it is easier today also for non-EU peeps, I don’t wish anybody additional worries when moving.