‘Britain seems broken now’: faces from the Brexit exodus to Europe

thanks James. Yes will do and have been doing.

People have totally forgotten that the one of the reasons for the EU was peace in Europe.
Maybe because only the Channel Islands were invaded they don’t have the same memories as the rest if Europe.
It seems appalling to me at a time when travel and news is worldwide that these people are pulling up the drawbridge.


i am still amazed at how Britain managed to make such a huge decision, based on so little information, but lots of lies,and half-baked ‘facts’ that have turned out to be codswallop.

I can see why people are abandoning there lives in England though; last time i went back even the pound shop was having a sale! the streets of a normally-busy town where deserted, except for people slowly walking along like they had nowhere to go to. The temporary (1 day!) job agency had shut down,due to lack of work. Everywhere i went i heard the accents of eastern europe’s gypsies, on the make. every one around looked tired and scared. every other voice was polish; i’ve got nothing against them,they work hard to get ahead… the british have given up trying, its more lucrative to stay on the dole and make some cash from crime or drugs; so now their places are taken by polish kids in further education colleges.

The’ brexit effect’ has scared most of the vital NHS workers who came to the UK to get their careers boosted, and earn more than ‘at home’. now they are not planning on staying; unsure as to what their rights will be. at the same time the staff of the NHS are being forced to work longer hours to fill the gaps. there isn’t enough in the budget to keep it running.
times can be hard here as well, for the french now too; there’s no way to hide the fact that france is struggling, no matter who cooks the books. I have noticed a definite cooling of the attitude of the french to the british post-brexit; maybe they are jealous of britain breaking free of the repressive EU machinery, (which is over-management at its worst) or maybe they feel abandoned? it’s anyones guess… the result is a continuation of the ‘gravy-train’ for EU pen-pushers, and nobody else, while the mess is sifted through.

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Perhaps this ‘definite cooling of the attitude of the French to the British post-Brexit’ has less to do with putative envy than the irony in people’s being derogatory about migrants when they are migrants themselves.


Well @HiB Ian, hope you feel better for getting all that off your chest! What do you mean by ‘repressive EU machinery’? Examples may help along with how they affect you on a daily basis…?

yes, very much. people are stupidly confusing migrants with refugees. Anyone who risks their lives on the ocean to get away must be in a really despersate situation. where as migrants are a mixed bunch, good and bad; but all tarred with the same brush.
When we asked a man local to us (who has since left to return to the UK) why he decided to move to france he said because “in england i’m surrounded by foreigners”; he said this without batting an eye, not realising in his arrogance, HE was now the foreigner! oh, so that must be OK then…? gave us a chuckle if nothing else; unlike when he left we found all the things he swore he hadn’t ‘borrowed’ from us magically re-appeared…


When faced with that sort of comment it is difficult to know where to start!

I’ve mentioned before that one of the reasons that I felt the Leave campaign was misleading was the fact that it played to the fact that most could not or chose not to differentiate between EU migrants, non-EU migrants and asylum seekers, nor indeed descendants of earlier groups of immigrants with British citizenship.

Add to that the fact that the Leave campaign blamed all of this on the EU when it really was the result of policy over successive governments of both political persuasions.

The result was that the Leave campaign was successful at tapping into a stream of latent (and not so latent) xenophobia and turning it into votes to leave the EU.

Some of Cameron’s bigger mistakes were not gauging the public mood generally, not gauging it specifically in regard to the EU and not realising that the public would vote against the government (whatever the issue) rather than vote for the EU.


You are so right, Jane!
Just a year ago Lord Howard, concerning Gibralter, said "“another woman prime minister sent a task-force halfway across the world to protect another small group of British people against another Spanish-speaking country. And I’m absolutely clear that our current woman prime minister will show the same resolve in relation to Gibraltar as her predecessor did.”
After so many years of peace in Europe this silly vote is making the whole thing unravel.

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In case you did not see Peter Juselius’ post in “Brexit Humour” –


James O’Brien for PM / President / Knighthood - hero !!! :-:clap::clap::clap::clap:


What I don’t get is how he always seems to keep his cool - there’s no way I wouldn’t have lost it when dealing/debating with a lot of the utter dickheads he has on his show.
Always interesting to listen to, maybe he should be an MP. Mind you, he would have to go on the “howtotalkutterbollockstoavoidansweringthequestion” compulsory course.