British bombers make first air strikes on Syria after UK parliament vote

Well said Brian.....and meanwhile the money rolls in for the fat cats......

As IS are now discovering....

Clever poster and oh soooooooooooooo true.

Exactly Mark.

At present home grown activists are doing Daesh's work for them rather effectively. Bombing Syria will not do anything about that, if anything it will help recruitment because of the anti-Islamic climate at present. Winning the majority of Moslems who are neither violent nor ruled by their religion and isolating IS might be far more effective. It has been suggested, including by some military people. However, politicians need to impressive electorates they are in control, as ever...

Perhaps those who oppose the UK involvement could offer a viable alternative?

It is all very well banging on about how civilians will suffer but how do you guys get hold of specific target information?? Do you really believe that this information will be released to the general public then on to IS, giving them the opportunity to move out of the way?

@ Diana. You said "Brits fought against Germany when they invaded". No, The UK was NOT invaded, Poland was.

I would be ashamed to be British if we had not joined the other countries in doing something to stop the spread of IS terrorism. Those at the sharp end are fully trained & paid to take the risks & I bet there are a few politicians "children" in the Armed Forces.

So, what are the alternatives when even getting to see the IS leaders can result in a public beheadding - kind of rules out negotiation, methinks.

Beautifully explained and statedby an informed professional.
Thank you Liz

The only ones who seem to have learnt these days from ‘war’ 2 of which they lost, are the Germans who wil now only supply refuelling aircraft for the coalition aircraft needing it, and NOT commit grounds troops. I admire Angela Merkel for that! They have their own desolated camps as does Poland as constant reminders of war on their own doorsteps. What do UK, Belguim and France have, thousands of war graves, as there will also be in Syria and Iraq - except they are and will be the innocent civilians lying in them!

I’d like to suggest that cutting the phone and internet links, would stop intercommunications.

Also the UK media should stop having reporters on every street corner telling the world, where our jets are what they’re going to bomb sometimes, even before they take off!

There is far too much information in the public domain! What we are told by UK media, so is everyone!

If any thing is going to be bombed it should be the entire financial structure and supply line of DAESh. I remember asking not so long ago, who manufactured and supplied all those new life rafts and life Jackets! Did DAESH organise that to get their own out and across the med to Europe? I know it’s only a small proportion of those who fled, the rest are in genuine need of escape from the terrorists in their own countries. Also if the DAESH money can be traced to a specific banking group, if it could be recouped and then used for eventual regeneration of the areas, towns and cities destroyed at least it would do some good!

I wouldn't call it humourous Brian, now I know why I don't read The Gruniaud. It's a nothing piece full of unfunny lines. Just to think he actually got paid to produce that dross.

Maybe the author could have spent his time better trying to give some solutions to the problem...

Read this:

It may be written as humour but the truth that rings through is frightening real.

These murderers have no feelings!

No fear of life or death and certainly no fear of inflicting death on


I liken them to a tumor.

A tumour needs to be taken out and the surrounding networks (lymph)

carefuly removed as particals of cancer slip away journeying to another


Just trying to understand the tumor is the first move.

A tumor is not a headache or a cold It is there to spread and take over.

There is my simale so simple.

By the way there was/is a plan of attack on UK.......apparently.

Liz, how much do you actually know about the civil war in Syria? However disgusting the Assad regime has been, the last election was free and open, independent election monitors confirm there was no rigging the vote and people in the government held part of Syria say things changed at that time - for the better. The opposition is a ragtag loose coalition of normally rival, mainly religious groups but also military people who want the dictatorship as it was when Assad senior was in power back. Daesh are the new kids on the block and thus far it seems unlikely that even half of them are Syrian or belong to any specific ethnic group that belongs there, many are Iraqis in fact. What is there on the ground is all very unsavoury with the 'coalition' of USA, UK, France, Turkey, Iran, China, Russia and a couple of otheres saying that when they have ended the war then democratic elections will be held, namely they are saying Assad who was apparently democratically elected will be deposed by them. A part of that coalition is backing the opposition but if ever the present government in overthrown a couple of things are likely to happen. The opposition will take power then form back into its parts and start fighting each other or else everybody will get a surprise, well except Iran and Russia, because Assad will be returned. After years of supporting the regime, the USA, then the UK turned against it and funded the anything but democratic opposition. Why? Almost certainly oil and the pipelines from beyond across the country which are the strategic target of all sides. The people saying Syria will change because they say so have not declared war formally and are now in breach of the Geneva and Hague Conventions on War for a number of things including having no actual reason for aggression against Syria and also costing and endangering the lives of non-combatants.

There is no 'both sides', there are several sides and only one of them is decapitating people but actually doing what is effectively worse to people who remain alive who probably wish they were now dead. Islamic State has in effect declared war on the entire world but most countries do not feel the need to start bombing the country. Daesh has a very large human shield, but so do the opposition groups, only the corrupt and perhaps still brutal government appears any more lenient.

It is a no win situation that is likely to drag on for years. It may even move from one country to another until 'son of' IS appears and starts another campaign of terror all over again but at the same time what might be happening to ordinary Syrians who have never done anybody any harm?

they are not far from that now in the way daesh are acting. (not including the rest of the country who are their unwilling victims). You can only have a diplomatic solution when both sides agree not to behead people.

Meh. Bomb them back to the stone age.

You can say that again.

"Moscow’s bombing campaign on Syria will “lead to further radicalisation and increased terrorism”, claimed David Cameron on 4 October.


Well we are lucky enough to live in a democracy Liz, mainly due to enemies like Daesh being eliminated by acts of war. I sometimes wonder if these so and so's who make such comments about their elected representatives deserve to live with such freedoms in our society...