British Cassoulet, the real thing!

Thanks to Stuart Wilson for finding this gem!

Must try that up here in Brittany and claim that crepes were invented in my birthplace Birmingham. They certainly think that clogs were Breton but I remember seeing them worn in Oldham in the 50's anyway so maybe it's not so far fetched. Crepe Branston/kipper anyone? I once gave a whole case of mixed world wines (except French) to a french restaurateur I know as a thankyou, carefully labelling each one with its provenance etc. He never mentioned that he enjoyed them, but there were some great aussies and kiwis, plus a fabulous Chateau Musar from the Lebanon. No- wine just comes from France!

Don’t panic Stewart if the tables where turned I’m sure the reaction would be the same in any country … How about the French inventing a Yorkshire pudding I’m certain the same response would be their …

My other half, who did her BTS in Castelnaudary, thought it was brilliant: thumbs up from both sides french and english!

If anyone is interested in the French point of view? Although she realises that some of the people are actors on the “French side”, and that it is a joke; Nathalie was appalled by some of the other reactions. It would be nice to know who the actors are and who aren’t. What about the woman tasting it!! I was laughing my head off and Nathalie was almost ashamed to be French.

Hilarious. Great idea. And those reactions! Touch the ‘patrimoine’ and they become aggressive. Yes, Sarah, thank heaven some understood that it was a joke.

That’s really funny! Thanks for the laugh.

It's made the Midi Libre now!,405846.php

Well funny nice one thumbs up


Cassoulet a la Heinz salad cream anyone?

Too funny!!! So, now they just have to get to invent a very British ‘Cassoulet a la menthe’, isn’t it? Finest marketing!

Awesome. I love the French!

Absolutely the funniest thing I have seen in years. I send out a weekly newsletter and I’m unashamedly going to pinch this. Thanks Stuart Wilson for making my day!

Just superbe!

Viral marketing at its finest…brave and very, very clever.

trop bien faite la pub, je l’adore !

I am still weeeeeing in my pants … Really good blag you must find more
Have a great day people

This is sooo funny, and all those French people getting so worked up!! "C'est la provocation!" yelled one old bat. Not that she was wrong mind. You can obviously only be provocative if you're French in France or most will have a sense of humour by-pas, and even get a tad violent! Hilarious the way some irate Frenchman knocked off the guy's hat!

Some did get that it was a joke though - phew!